thread: Very dark test line at 3 weeks 4 days

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    Very dark test line at 3 weeks 4 days

    I have been pondering after reading a few posts about the fact that the first time I tested (a few days before AF was due) the test line (and the control line) was really dark.

    Not in any way faint. Is that unusual?

    I have also had severe nausea and my doctor though maybe I was further along than I thought...but my last AF was July 29 which meant this AF was due on Aug 26.

    Is it possible that I got pregnant last cycle and still got AF? I don't remember what it was like (heavy or not).

    I'm getting confused about it all.

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    I think it is possible to be pregnant but still have (what appears to be) a period.

    Some ladies do have high levels of hcg in their urine/body too which might influence your test and your feelings of nausea.

    Then again, you might be having twins!!!

    Lucy (mod) might be able to help you out - she had really high levels of hcg and her bfp nearly jumped off the stick lol and there was talk (until her ultrasound) of her having twins! (which she does have a family history of).

    Best wishes to you!! Hope you feel better soon!!

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    congrats on your pg kelli,

    not really sure about your q though. are you having an early U/S? because that will tell you specifically your dates,

    all the best,


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    You can request a BT to check the levels of HCG in your body now, or you could have a scan at 6-7 weeks to see how far along you are.

    With our son, all the hpt that I did were very very dark and he was a single bub. This time around I did a couple and they were so faint that I thought there was no pg, it turned out that I am expecting twins. I don't think that you can ever be really sure with those hpt. Seems to be a bit af variation between them.

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    As Kelli has said it is quite possible. I know on girl who didn't know she was pg until she was 16 weeks as the spotting she got she thought was AF!!

    I would suggest getting a BT done to check your hcg levels, as maybe you
    be further along or having twins.

    Good luck.

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    ness Guest

    Getinmybelly / stayinmybelly,

    Just wanted to say congrats to you! I'm not sure about the lines though, all I know is my friend who is having twins had a really really dark line, but that is opposite to JOJA, so sorry I can't be much help.

    Hopefully I can join all of you here soon if AF stays away.

    Wishing you a healthy and happy PG Stayinmybelly :bellyrub:

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    Mate, I'd say get a BT done or an early scan.

    I had m/s from 5 weeks with both of my pregnancies.

    Goog luck darlin'-let us all know how you go. O