thread: Viable pregnancy or not????

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    nicole&nadi Guest

    Viable pregnancy or not????

    Hi all, Iam going through a stressful time waiting to see if my pregnancy is viable or not. I had artifical insemination on the 12th of November, the cycle has been Clomid induced. On the 29th of November 17 days post insemintion my HCG was 30, I had a short bleed at this time which although different to a normal period I thought was my period. I then had a repeat HCG on 3rd of December which was 184. I then had a repeat on the 6th of December and this was 540. My Doctors have all been very negative about the chances of this being a viable pregnancy. The reason they state is due to the inital low HCG of 30 on day 17 and also the bleed. Has anyone else experienced this. The Doctor said I had a 2% chance of continuing to a normal pregnancy. Thanks for any help or feed back you can offer, from Nicole

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    hi nic.
    i know nothing at all about your situation but will say big hugs to you and i hope it all turns out ok for you.


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    Jul 2004

    Hi Nicole,

    Like Nikki I can't give you any advice except to try to stay as positive as possible. Are you going to keep getting the bloods done?
    I'm [-o< that everything works out for you and this bubs. :bluestick: inkstick: your way.

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    Hi Nicole,
    I'm sorry I dont have any answers for you myself, but maybe if you post your question in the TTC or long term TTC threads, you may get some more helpful answers, as I know there are a few girls who are on Clomid as well.
    Goodluck, I [-o< that everything turn out well in the end.