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    Vitamins, Exercise and Diet


    My doc confirmed today that I am pg. My first pg. I have an appoinment with my gyno in October. In the meantime I am wondering what sort of vitamins I should consider taking (I am already taking folic acid). Also, I will start daily 30 mins walks plus some Pilates (2 a week) to keep my body moving (I have never been the type to exercise). Silly as it might sound but I don't know what I should be eating! Am I allowed seafood? - comments welcomed.


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    Congratulations on your first pregnancy. \/

    I'm not sure that now is the right time to be starting out on a new exercise regime especially if you don't normally do any exercise. Best check with your doctor that it doesn't put too much strain on your body. Probably should have started walking before you got pregnant so it wouldn't have seemed like such a big chance to your situation.

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    Thansk for the response. I do 15 min walk (power walk really as I am always running late in the mornings) to the bus stop every morning so in some ways I do some excercise I guess! I also spend my lunchtime on some days (1 hour) walking around the City, window shopping. I also took up swimming lessons (am learning how to swim) about 3 weeks a go which I do on Sundays. I was thinking more of a 'routine'where I go for daily walks with my partner in the afternoons... I didn't think it would be a strain on my body but will check with doc.

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    There are a few threads around about what you can and can't eat and I think that there is also an article on the bellybelly site. With regards to seafood you need to avoid raw shellfish (no oysters), pre-cooked seafood that has been sitting around for a while gathering bacteria and also keep your intake of long-lived fish to a minimum because of the mercury that builds up in thier system (shark, billfish, orange roughy/deep dea perch, tuna). There is website with more info on safe seafood.
    With the pilates since its fairly low impact it should be ok but before you start make sure that your instructor knows that you are pregnant and a novice. Walking is great excercise even if you haven't been excerciseing much lately and swimming is fantastic especially for later pregnancy because it puts so little stress on your joints.
    You should be sensible about it. Prolonged high body tempratures aren't good for you and if you're so puffed out that you're finding it hard to talk thats probably a sign that you're pushing it too hard.
    Its probably best to check with your Dr but usually a low impact excercise routine is great when you're pregnant and many women who haven't excercised much before pregnancy become more active during thier pregnancies because being a bit fitter can help you have an easier labour and faster recovery.

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    First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy.

    There are quite a few pregnancy vitamins you can buy, like Blackmore Pregnancy & Breastfeeding formula, (available at supermarkets, chemists etcc...), alot of girls (including myself ) take Elevit, although these are only available at selected chemists. (I can only find them @ Terry White Chemists here).

    As for what you should be eating etc... there is a article on nutrition on the main website, you can find it:Nutrition in Pregnancy

    Also there is another topic on Listeria and what foods to avoid on the main site: Listeria

    One other thing we did have a topic in ther forums re seafood, well prawns mainly, you can find that one HERE

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    Thank you so much for your responses. I have another silly dilema though. I got my pregnancy confirmed by a GP yesterday. I am due to see an OB/Gyno in October (a 3 months wait but at the time when I made the appointment I wasn't pregnant). So 2 months away now, people are telling me to get in see one NOW and not wait, GP told me to keep the appointment but call them and let them know that I am now pregnant. I don't know what to do? Should I wait? by then I might be 3 months pregnant as I don't know how far along I am now!. Also with the vitamins, is it safe just to go to the chemist and get them or should I see my GP first?? - geezz sorry but I am sooo new at this!

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    I think most obs like to see you around 12 weeks so you might want to bring your appointment forward by a month. If your unsure of your dates your GP can give you a referral for a dating scan.
    With the vitamins you can just pop down to a chemist and grab some pregnancy & pregnancy multivitamins.