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Thread: vomiting stomach acid

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    Default vomiting stomach acid

    Hiya ladies,
    I'm seven and a half weeks. I had only thrown up a few times but yesterday I couldn't keep anything down at all and ended up vomiting my stomach acid (that fluro yellow stuff that is as bitter as hell) when I had nothing left to give. Stomach pumps like I have gastro but I don't think that's it. When I lean over to vomit there's a pain in my right lower this just a bad angle to be sick?
    Have an appointment with the doc today....but just wanting to know does this just sound like morning sickness? Am I over-reacting?

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    littlerigger Guest


    This sounds like good old MS to me. My MS was so bad I regularly found myself heaving nothing but bile (that green / yellow stuff). I found that I got the pain in my abdomen to. this'll sound bad but try getting down closer to the loo if you're at home. I found to avoid the pain completely I had to kneel next to the loo. It's your tummy muscles working so hard to evict nothing.

    But trust me, there's no such thing as over reacting because to much MS can lead to needing a stay in hospital getting rehydrated!! And that is something no-one wants.

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    Yep I hear ya! I get that bile vomits all the time when there is nothing left in my stomach. I hope your Dr can help out. Otherwise ginger is supposed to help. I take the Blackmore's Ginger tabs and today is my first vomit free day \/

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    Melinda Guest


    Oh yes, I've thrown up stomach bile too!!! YUCK!!!

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    yes i am also hearing you, every morning as soon as i get out of bed, there is nothing in my stomach so thats all that comes out.......YUK......thankfully it is starting to ease off now!!

    chrissy :flower:

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