Hi again every1,

Ne way went to my pg specialist today. I have had more blood tests done and my underactive thyroid has to be re-tested, + he is testing for other things as well. So now im gonna spend the next 2 weeks panicking about what is going on I just feel so lost atm because i so want to have a baby, especially being 34, i aint getting ne younger...lol!!!! All my friends tell me to thing positive, but its hard when its not going as easy and free flowing as you want. I for a miracle, and that the specialist can help me overcome all my obstacles. He seemed really kind, and explained most things as he went along. I told him about my concerns atm about how i feel i have pg symptoms but he said it could be hormonal, but if i was concerned b4 i c him in 2 weeks to go to my gp and get pg test done.

Well enough ranting, hope to have some good news soon
I think im posting in the wrong section oops!!!