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Thread: We have blob and heart beat!

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    Talking We have blob and heart beat!

    Hi all,

    Had my ultra sound yesterday and it all went well.

    I didn't like the lady I had, and I won't go back there. She was asking me heaps of questions in relation to my last pregnancy, as it was a partial molar. She couldn't see anything through my tummy and I said just do the internal, it's too small to show via the tummy.

    She really got me worried but I just knew in my heart that there was a baby there and it was OK, and she was just useless!

    She did the internal ultra sound, and there it was. My little blob with a heart beat and yoke, blinking away happily!!

    I am about 7 weeks, which is a bit ahead for my dates, but I also know at this early stage, there isn't anything much to measure, I'll just keep the same EDD until the next ultra sound at the end of November.

    What a relief, now I just have to keep sucking my gut in for another 6 weeks, and I'll be fine - yeah right, easier said than done!!!

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    Awww Tash... thats great news
    Wishing you all the best for the next few weeks

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    Tash that is great - isn't it the best felin when you see the little blob beating!

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