thread: Weight Tracking

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    Feb 2004

    I don't know what I weighed before getting pregnant either, my weight doesn't concern me really, I go my the way my clothes fit.

    I think I have put on some already as I can't fit into some things, they just feel uncomfortable. My O/B did weigh me at my first appointment and he'll probably continue to do so.

    My g/f was telling me that it has taken her 2 years to get to her pre pregnancy weight, it can be a tough road for some of us.

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    I think worrying about your wieght is a good concern but I wouldn't stress over it. There was a woman at the clinic I went to with my first son who would lecture me on how much weight I gained every time I wentfor an appt. I finally filled out a notebook on what I ate every day (to prove it wasn't junk food) to shut her up because I'd leave each visit in tears. With my first son I weighed 53k before pregnancy and put on 15 pounds(7k) in the first 3 months. My total pregnancy gain was 20k, however by my sons first birthday I was at 60k without even trying to diet. I started trying to get back to my pre pregnacy weight tweo months before we started trying for Baby #2 and now at 4 weeks along I weight 55k and expect to gain weight quickly. I think your body knows what you need more than any doctor does, as long as you're making healthy choices about what you're eating don't worry about it.