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    hi. I am 12 weeks pg. and for the past week or so have been having unusual cramps.
    they are like sharp stabbing stitch pains just under my belly button ( about two fingers below)and sometimes on the sides of my stomach. They only come every now and then. I have had no bleeding and when i went to the dr on friday she heard a heart beat, and she was not that worried about them.. but they are still continuing

    anyone else had this or couldshead some light..

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    This is most likely all the ligaments stretching and your uterus growing. It is generally worse with your first pregnancy as everything down there hasnt stretched before. It is a worrying feeling, I know, but more than likely everything is completely normal.
    All the best with your pregnancy.

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    Thanks for that, its hard not to worry. I am more concerned though because this is my second pregnancy and did not have these pains with my daughter. They are just so unusual, not like cramping or period cramps but more stabbing like a stitch. I read about growing pains but wonder if you got them worse the second time around...

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    I am also pregnant with number two and have experinced the same pain, only occasionally, like a stich on one side or the other. I'm not sure what it is and didn't get it with my first, but I'm hoping it will all be ok! Goodluck with it!

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    I've had a stitch on my right side heaps - mainly when I'm active walking. My first p/g I had zinging pains under my belly button...I'm sure it's nothing to do with your actual bubba as it is just your body adjusting and growing with the p/g!
    Hope it eases for you though!

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