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Thread: what to expect at OB's?

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    Default what to expect at OB's?

    I'm going to see my OB tomorrow for the first time, with my ultrasound being next week. What should I expect tomorrow, will the ob listen to the heartbeat or anything like that?

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    At my first OB appointment here is what happened:

    * I met with the midwife first who asked about my medical history, illnesses in the family, last pap smear etc
    * She weighed me
    * Asked what vitamins I've been taking
    * Asked my DH about medical history in his family etc
    * Midwife gave me a "show bag" full of mags, brochures, freebies etc
    * I had to wee in a cup
    * Then DH and I met with the OB to chat
    * We went into the scan room and the OB explained that I would have to take off all my clothes and he explained to DH where to position the 2 sheets over me
    * OB left the room so I could get ready
    * DH stayed with me the whole time
    * The OB and midwife came in
    * OB felt my breasts, tummy etc
    * He did a pap smear
    * He then did an internal check of my pelvic area etc
    * Then he did an internal scan and we got to see the baby - my dates changed at this time due to the baby's size. The OB pointed out the heart, arms, legs, head, ear etc. We didn't get to hear the heartbeat though.
    * Then we went back to the OB's office to chat more
    * After that I took my wee in a cup down the hall to pathology and had some blood tests done

    And I just had to make further appointments for my NT scan (which is next week) and then my next general checkup with the OB for the week after that.


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