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    Dec 2004
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    What next

    Sorry about all the new topic's and questions... this is number one and have no idea what I am doing!

    So what happens next? I have had BT's to say that I am pg...

    I have an appt on Monday to apparently get more BT's... I am seeing a different Dr this time, I wasn't confident with the other one.

    What did everyone else go through when they found out they were pg?


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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I saw my OB whom works at our GP clinic, had bloods etc & then gave me a card to call & book in for an U/S around 12+ wks... Then after U/S I made appt to see hyim once he had received details but I made it for about 2 weeks after U/S, so going again to see him next Monday when he will give me a referral for next U/S, other than usually Blood pressure & urine collection done...

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    Jan 2005
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    The worst thing is you still feel like your just waiting, you go from all the waiting when TTC and think it will be all over after you get your BFP but it's not. You end up just waiting, waiting for you dr's appt, waiting for m/s, waiting for m/s to stop, waiting for you u/s, waiting for any symptoms, waiting for your bump --- it's madness, I went through a lot of dissapointment that there just seemed to be nothing going on, and still doesn't, I hve tried to occupy myself BB helps (LOTS) and just read and get clued up on as much as I can..... thats me anyhow

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    Nov 2004

    I went to see my doctor and had blood tests done and general health check. I also went to see my naturopath. The OB will take over with everything when he sees you at about 12 weeks. I would book in to a hospital very soon if you haven't already.

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    Custardtart Guest

    For sure decide which hospital you want to have the baby in - or if you want a home birth . You should book as soon as possible, if you want private then you'll have to book through your obstetrician. I chose my OB by contacting the hospital I wanted (Cabrini) and then choosing from a list they sent me of referring OB's.

    You won't get a confirmation from the hospital until you are 12 weeks pregnant, that's when they make the final bookings, but you DO want to be early on the list or you might not get in. Apparently the birth rate is climbing markedly in Victoria this year, so places are at a premium in some hospitals.

    For the rest of it, try to live your life as normal and DON'T count the days - there's a long way to go and you'll drive yourself nuts

    Good luck and God bless,


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    Mar 2004

    I had the blood test, then nothing until 9 weeks when I had an ultra-sound, then a 12 week check-up with my GP and then from 16 weeks onwards I had regular appointments with my midwife team.
    You should try to book into your hospital/ob ASAP. You don't need a referral to make the booking just so long as you have it by the time of the actual appointment.

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    With my pregnancy with Olivia I was constantly "waiting" for the next stage......drove myself up the wall!

    1. Blood test that says "Yep you are pregnant"
    2. Anti-natal bloods (through your GP/Path centre)
    3. Pick an OB/Hospital/Care option
    4. Pick a hospital & book in
    4. Some women have scans at 8 or 9 weeks
    5. Scan at 12 or 13 weeks (NT Nuchal Fold Scan)
    6. Morphology Scan at 18-20 weeks

    In between times:
    ~ Scour through every forum on BB for info!
    ~ Borrow books from the library on pregnancy and childbirth.
    ~ Window shop for baby things
    ~ Look at setting up a baby website
    ~ Daydream about what your baby'll be like
    ~ Panic daily

    Seriously, the time drags. I was working, but early on in my pg it was a very boring project so time dragged even more. So I used to nick off early to take lots of naps!

    (If it is any consolation, this second pregnancy is SPEEDING past SO quickly!!)

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    Here in Queensland I had my blood test and they did a lot of other tests like iron levels, HIV status etc for hospital I chose. On the Gold Coast wasn't much choice, either 1- 20 mins away or 1- 30 mins away and in NSW. As DP said he didn't want his child born in NSW I chose the Southort one. They sent a referal letter to the hospital and then at 11 weeks I had my first apointment.

    I have to agree with Canniel..there will be a whole lot of waiting to do for awhile..but in the end you go back to living day to day with a baby instead of counting down!

    LOL @ Lucy, love your lists, I have to agree with all of those and hope my second pregnancy will go quicker too! I love where you said"daydram about what baby will be like" that's so true, I look at him now and think of all my thoughts of him while I was pregnant, and realise he turned out more amazing than I could ever have thought possible!

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    Dec 2004

    OMG I'm with you Melissa...

    I had BFP and blood tests at 4.5 weeks, then...... nothing! My first appointment with the OB is at 12 weeks, and I have my first US the next day, but it does seem like a long time when nothing happens.

    I'm just keeping myself posted with everyone elses' developments on BB - it's so nice experiencing everyone elses' excitement etc, and it does make the time go more quickly seeing that ticker move every day!!


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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    My first OB appt when preg with DD was at 21+ wks!!!! hee hee, I was over seas from there it went fast!

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    Jul 2004

    I had my first appt at 12w because thats when i found out i was pg. I had a BT, NT ultrasound.

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    Sep 2004
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    I didnt know with my first till i was nearly 4 mths along, that one went very quickly for me!
    This time around i found out at about 5.5 wks and funnily enough it has flown by, i keep looking at ticker and thinking it seems like last week it was on 5wks and i was thinking if only it would be on 20wks i will feel better, now my new goal is 35wks and that only days away, yah.
    Then after that its just not that long at all, i keep saying only 6wks left like i cant believe it myself.
    Would add what i did test wise etc, but seems everyone has pretty well much covered how it works

    Congrats on pregnancy though