thread: What next??

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    Apr 2009
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    What next??

    I am 12 weeks.
    I had my first docs appointment in blacktown, very unhelpful, pretty much just did another urine test, and said yeah your pregnant.
    I walked out of the docs surgery with no idea on what to do next.

    So I went to a docs in Richmond. shes been pretty good, however Ive only had 2 appointments with her.
    The first she did a blood test and tested me for all the normal testing things, and sent me for an ultrasound to find out exactly how far along i was.

    I was 7 weeks 3 days.

    I went back to doc for blood test results etc. All was ok.
    And now i have to go back tomorrow for another checkup, apparently a 12 week blood test and another scan.

    I was just wondering when i need to book into the hospital, and what i need to do next.

    also when do i get my liittle yellow card thing, where they record my weight etc.
    And will I keep seeing my doctor for checkups, or do i eventually just go to the hospital for them????

    Im clueless as to what happens next and when.

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    It depends on lots of things, like what model of care you want (midwife only, shared care gp/midwife or ob/midwife, ob etc), which hospital you are going to. Some have antenatal clinics, but not all.

    If you know which hospital you want to go to book in, or at least ring them. Im not sure how it works in NSW, but in Vic most public hospitals dont require you to have a referral to book in.

    If tomorrow is your twelve week appt they should give you most of the information at that one.

    Ask about booking in to the hosital, and what models of care are available. If you want to go to a private OB, ask for a referral to one.