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    hey can anyone tell me i just found out after going to the Dr that im 5

    weeks what do i do now or do i not need to do anything? the Dr didn't do

    much when i went the other day just wondering :-k

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    well it all depends on how you are going to deliver, the gp should of gave you all the options.

    you can book into a ob,you will see them throughout your preganncy,a nd they will deliver your baby, you need a referral from your local gp.

    or you can go through the public system, most hospitals have antenatel clinics, which you will be seen by a midwife, on your visits, and certain visits you will see the hospital ob.usually the midwives deliver the bub, but the hospital doc, will also be around, if there is complications

    or there is shared care anetantal clinic+ local gp, if you are thinking about anetatal, you just have to ring your hospital, and they will ask you due date, then they will book you in for your first appointment, which is usullay around 12 weeks, unless complications, this visit is usually alot of paperwork, and medical history etc

    i hope this helps

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    Its hard, I would definately go and investigate hospitals. Most private ones you have to book very early, but public you have a few more weeks. Have a look around, ask questions about birthing facilities, after the birth and care during pregnancy. Different hospitals have different options. Also maybe get a book out of the library now to figure out what sort of care you personally want.

    I chose a hospital based on the birthing suites & the maternity ward. I wanted to be the most comfortable.

    Usually there isn't much care done during the first trimester other than booking into a hospital and getting some blood tests done if they haven't already been done. I would definately go and see your GP or if you don't like the information given last time, try and find another one in your area.

    Did your GP talk about any changes you need to do while pregnant? Check out our main site in the pregnancy articles especially the listeria one as those changes should start as soon as you find out you are pregnant.


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    If you want to give birth in a public hospital, choose which one you would like to go to then ring the ante-natal clinc there, they will book you in for between 12-14 weeks probably. If have any questions or concerns you could ask if you could speak to a midwife, or find another GP to go to. I would also recommend buying a pregnancy book, there are plenty of good ones out there, I think there is even a recommended reading list on the BellyBelly main site.


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