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Thread: What should i expect at first obs appointment?

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    phoebe02 Guest

    Default What should i expect at first obs appointment?

    Hi ladies,
    I am expecting my second baby late January and have my first obs appointment in june when i will be 7.5 weeks preggers.
    I would like to know what happens at first appointment? I had my dd 3.5 years ago and can't remember what happened with my obs at that appointment.
    Will they do a scan? do an internal check and breast check?I vaguely remember having this with last pregnancy just can't remember when...
    Any help would be good thanks

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    I think each OB does things differently with doing a scan etc... With my first appt my OB, he did an internal, checked my bbs for lumps and checked BP. He doesn't have a u/s machine there so I had to wait to have an u/s done.

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    It depends whether you're public or private.
    With dd I was public so the first appointment was just taking base blood pressure and weight, going over family and health history, talking about prenatal vitamins, and I got a referall for my blood tests (to check blood group, immunities and antibodies etc).

    This time I'm seeing a private OB so it was all the same as above plus I got an u/s. My first appt was at 6w2d and we got to see the heartbeat which was nice.

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    phoebe02 Guest


    Thanks for the replies ladies,
    I am going private,i went public with our first baby.
    My obs is seeing me at 7.5 weeks.My gp said that my obs can do all the blood work and bp ect ect... an ultrasound would be great though,didn't ask her receptionist about that

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    sunshine Guest


    I was surprised (and pleased!) at my first appt that the OB didn't do an internal. She did take blood pressure, weight, and did an U/S, and had a chat.

    Now pg with #2, and that OB will be on hols, so will find out if the new one does things differently.

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    jbie Guest


    when does the internal happen? or does it only happen if necessary?

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    sunshine Guest


    Hi jbie,
    I was concerned about having an internal too, but with both pgs, didn't have one the first OB fact, the only internal I had was when I arrived at the hospital (5cm dilated)!
    First appointment both times was a chat, paperwork, BP, an ultrasound and getting referrals for Nuchal tranlucency and 20 week scan. The first OB asked for a urine sample, the new one didn't.
    Hope this helps,

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