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    Hi Girls,

    I'm wondering when it's best to book in to your pre-natal care.

    I'm 5.5 wks pg and would like to birth in the birthing centre at St George, SY. Is it too early to make an appointment? I'm still under the care of IVFA, will be having my first scan next week to check for heartbeat so I don't really need more care. I have just heard that the birthing centres get booked out pretty quickly and I don't want that to happen to me!

    Should I book in now, or wait until after the heartbeat scan?


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    Book now if they book out - you can always cancel if you decide to go somewhere else!

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    Some places wont let you book in until they are sure that it is a viable pg. Once you have had your scan you will be able to book in...

    I had to wait until I was past 10 weeks, and then couldn't get an appointment until 15 weeks... Give them a call and ask what they think...

    As Nikbrad said... you can always cancel!

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    I agree with the others - give them a call and find out what they (the hospital) want. When I rang one here in Melb it was suggested that I book into all venues I was considering and then cancel any I didn't want. It was esp important for us because my hosp of choicebooks out very quickly (I was even told by my Ob's receptionist to all her the second I had told DH I had a +ive on a HPT or I'd risk the Ob being full!). SO, really depends on what things are like in your area. Give the venue a buzz, they're almost always really lovely and helpful...

    Good luck and a H&H pregnancy to you!

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    I rang and booked in pretty much straight away. When I rang, they said its a good idea to book in at around 6 weeks, but to definately book in by 8 weeks.

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    DaisyJane Guest


    Thanks Everyone for your replys. I've started the ball rolling and visited my first birthing room ever this morning!

    And it's great to be congratulated on my pg, especially after the past year's trouble!

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    Hi Daisy
    Congratulations on your pregnancy
    Welcome to bellybelly. I wanted to say hi to a fellow shire gal I am no longer living in the Shire, but I was born and bred there and miss living there. I had my first 2 children at Sutherland Hospital. My sister had my first nephew at St George and loved it. I can't tell you what their procedure is, but I am sure you will find out by giving them a call
    Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy pregnancy

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