thread: when did 1st-tri symptoms fade?

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    paradise lost Guest

    when did 1st-tri symptoms fade?

    Hi all,

    I am extremely paranoid PAML woman this week.

    My symptoms are fading a little - now i don't mean i have lost them all, not at all. But my BB's are a bit less sore, i am exhausted 1 day in 2 instead of everyday, though i admit i continue to feel slightly sick all day (which only started when i was 8weeks)... and i have to admit i am worrying about the wellbeing of the baby and the continuance of this pregnancy.

    Throughout the pregnancy so far i have had no bleeding, no spotting and very little cramping (when my 1st period was due and after orgasm on 2 occasions), so i have no real reason to worry i know..

    It's just i thought my sypmtoms would ease towards the 12th week (most people i know in "real life" said by the 11th a lot of it had gone or reduced to almost nothing), but i am only 9 weeks tomorrow....

    I have a scan booked for August 31st, so i know i will see my bub and probably feel MUCH better by then, but i was wondering of anyone else's symptoms started to fade/change around the 8/9 weeks mark? As i say they are not gone, just lessened in some ways. When they say things stop "by the 12th week" do they mean "at the 12th week" or "around the 12th week" or what?

    THanks for your help


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    Jun 2003

    Hana just to let you know chookie, that mine did the same around 9 wks, and whilst some haven't really returned to the similar strength they were previously some symptoms did return. For example there were a few days where my BB's were not sore I had no MS and I didn't feel pregnant. But now the BB's are sore again and some symptoms are getting worse so I am back to feeling pregnant. Try not to worry too much but I know thats easier said than done I have been a worry wart myself! I just want you to know I know how you feel!!!!


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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2005
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    My m/s definitely didn't start to go until after 15 weeks. Probably I would say all symptoms had gone by week 17. However I still get extremely tired and feel sick every few days when I wake in the morning.
    I had a friend who suffered severe m/s until the day she gave birth, so I wouldn't worry if your symptoms hang around a bit, it's all normal! xo

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    mizzsocial Guest

    My "ALL DAY" Sickness went away week 10! i was the happiest women in the world! LOL.

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    Having had 2 m/c I have to say with this pg at about 8 weeks I started crying and was almost convinced I had m/c again due to lack of symptoms. I was terrified. My bb's didn't feel as sore, I had barely any nausea or anything and I wasn't tired at all. I didn't see a doctor because I didn't want an early u/s or anything like that so just waited the 4 weeks to see my Dr. But all was well. I know it's hard not to stress and if it really causes you too much stress I would definitely see your Dr and go for an u/s asap just to put your mind at rest.

    Goodluck and I'm sure everything is ok. :bluestick: inkstick:

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2005

    This has happened to me aswell! I am currently in week 8 and as of Monday, I didnt feel as nauseas, tired or crampy. It's quite a scary feeling all of a sudden feeling normal again!

    Reading this thread has started to make me feel a little better about it all!

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    Tachi77 Guest

    I found out 3 days a go I am pregnant, 5 weeks today. I noticed that sometime last week I started getting what I thought were 'period cramps', painful but quite different I thought. I am still getting this now and they are quite uncomfortable and painful. For some reason since I found out I am pregnant, the nausea kicked in, my boobs are very sore, my legs are a bit achy too, I honestly feel like my period will come one of this days! I hope it all stops soon!.

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    paradise lost Guest

    Thanks everyone.

    I feel a bit better now. My symptoms still come and go, BB's still less sore generally, but having needle like pains now occasionally, not feeling as sick through the day (hard to complain about that one! LOL) but still getting tiredness, now towards 11am instead of 2-3pm, (which is when it peaks and i think, OMG, i'm going to fall face first onto my keyboard). I have stopped stressing as much and decided that my body can't count weeks and if it is moving forwards to a more 2nd-tri phase i should just relax and enjoy it.

    After the m/c's i am just terrified to lose another one, and also, being 9 +1, not sure how an m/c would be - the other m/c i had at 8-9 weeks was blighted ovum, so no baby in there. Just want to feel contractions when my full-term little fatso is ready to come out and not before!

    Thanks again