thread: When do you book into a hospital??

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    When do you book into a hospital??

    The doctor i seen just gave me blood test referrel for rebella and all that kind of stuff and said wait 4 weeks to get them done but didnt mention a hospital or anything, but reading on here i have seen people say you should book in.
    Isnt it too early at this stage or should i be looking into it now?

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    You should be looking into it now, specially if you want to go private. I was ringing and booking in at my public hospital when I was 4wks pregnant after a referral from my GP.

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    Definitely asap. The hospital I chose has a waiting list after 5.5 weeks of pregnancy (not all are like this though!), so it's worth getting on to it now if you want to go private.
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    I am planning a homebirth but I still booked into a public hospital - just in case. I booked in when I was around 8 weeks and didn't get my first appointment there until 14 weeks. When you ring they will usually ask how far you are or when you are due and probably give you an appointment subject to this - or availability. You don't need a referal to make phone calls just one to take on you first visit.

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    I booked into a public hospital, and the wait was very long to get my first appt.
    I was 12weeks PG when I called to book in, and I couldn't get my first appt until I was 23weeks PG.
    I would recommend geting a referral from your Dr so you can book in asap.

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    Book in early so you get your first choice.

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    I found when I rang (at 5 weeks) that you need to book in early, otherwise you'll have to go and get the scans done yourself (via your doctor) rather than the hospital arranging them (that is if you're a public patient like I am, no idea what happens in the world of the private patient).

    Most places, unless there are problems, don't have you in for your first appointment til around 10 weeks anyway, but their waiting lists are long enough to need to book early.

    Last time I was 14 weeks pregnant when I booked in and had to arrange (and pay for) my 20 week ultrasound, even though I was a public patient.

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    I ended up ringing the hospital to ask them and they wont take booking until you are 12 weeks. I am going to try and do shared care this time as i done hospital antenatal clinic with last one and didnt like it.

    Thanks for the advice