thread: When to tell the new grand parents?

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    May 2004

    When to tell the new grand parents?

    Hi guys,

    It's my birthday next week, and I would LOVE to tell our parents and siblings at the dinner we are having. I am just not sure it's too early? I will be almost 5 weeks. I am goign to get a blood test today, so will have it confirmed soon hopefully.

    What do others think and what have others done?

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    Sal Guest

    I told my mum straight away (I was 5w along when I tested) as she knew all about my trials and tribulations with TTC (I'd done IVF etc).

    I held off telling my siblings until I had my first u/s - which I got done at 6w0d (note: this is not the norm, most women have their first u/s much later, but with my history I wanted the reassurance) and I saw the heartbeat, which means my pg was then classified as clinical (rather than chemical i.e. just HPTs and BTs).

    It is really what you feel comfortable with, it is VERY exciting and telling them on your birthday sounds like a wonderful time!

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    May 2003
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    Whatever you feel comfortable with...........

    With pregnancy # 1, we were cautious and waited till I heard a heartbeat at 12 weeks, then sadly I had an mc at 13 weeks. So I wished I hadn't told anyone at all.

    With pregnancy # 2 (Olivia) we waited until we had heard & seen the heartbeat and had a lot of reassurance from my OB before we told anyone at about 15 weeks.

    With this pregnancy we had a scan and saw the heartbeat at 8 weeks and that was just before Christmas, and we were seeing my IL's interstate at Christmas (and were staying with them) so we told them as they would have guessed from my lack of wine swilling!!

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    Feb 2005

    We couldn't keep it a secret either. Told our parents the day we found out (41/2wks) and then siblings and absolute closest friends over the next couple of weeks. Thought they'd all guess anyway - 'cause of the lack of drinking. Plus we were bursting with happiness and just couldn't keep it to ourselves. We figured if anything went wrong we'd like them to know so may as well let them enjoy our happiness.

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    Aug 2004
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    Do whatever feels right for you.

    We told everyone straight away, well almost we did keep it to ourselves for 2 days then told all our family, I was 4 weeks and 2 days along. I felt that I`d like to tell everyone in case something went wrong I`d want the support of my family, thank fully nothing went wrong and we have a very healthy and happy 6 week old little boy.

    Take Care


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    Melody Guest

    Hi Apple, personally DH & I took the approach from the very beginning that including people in our joy & inviting their support from the outset also meant that (god forbid) if anything went wrong we would have a lot of love, support & understanding to get through it.

    We were IVF as well so there were added complications to consider but I wouldn't hesitate to reach for the support if I had to do it all again.

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hi Apple

    We told all of our family straight away as they all new we were trying and we are really close with our families so if I did miscarry I would have had all of their support.

    Its a personal choice though...we were way to excited to hold it in!

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    Feb 2005

    Hi Apple I think it would be lovely to tell your family at your birthday dinner, but it's up to you and if you feel comfortable telling people.

    We couldn't help ourselves and I called my Mum about 10minutes after I got 2 lines! then over the course of the long weekend we managed to tell almost all of our family and friends.

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    kjorgo1 Guest

    We had decided that if we should get pg we would wait until 12weeks to tell everyone. We coldn't help ourselves and ended up telling everyone almost as soon as we found out. We figure that if we lost the baby we would tell people anyway so we might as well tell them now. We were way to excited to keep the secret anyway!! \/

    Do what feels right.


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    Jun 2005

    Hi apple.

    We waited until we saw a hearbeat and everything looked okay at 12 weeks. With #2 we will be doing the same.
    My sister told EVERYONE at 5 weeks and she ended up miscarrying in the 7th week. I remember her bawling and saying 'i have to tell everyone now that its not happening'.....i felt so sorry for her. I guess if you do decide to tell people you have to be prepared to tell them the not so good news too.... (god forbid that wont happen).

    You are pretty early on in the pregnancy too, i dont know about you, but i kinda feel that its a lil ol secret me and DH will share until the 12th week mark. - makes it more special, to me anyway.

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    Jan 2005

    My mum actually knew at 5 weeks, about 3 days after we found out.
    She rang me up at work and said 'your pregnant aren't you, why didn't you tell me!"

    So then we had to tell them, and DH's mum. But we didn't tell anyone else until 12 weeks.

    It was actually good that I had her to talk to, as I had a couple of scares etc and ended up having my firts u/s at 6 weeks.

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    Feb 2005
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    we told our parents straight away 5(weeks), and the rest of our brothers and sisters at about 9 weeks.

    our theory was that if we were happy for someoneo to know if we did happen to M/C, then we could tell them early, but if we wouldnt want to share that with them, then we waited until 12 weeks,


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    Mar 2005


    Hey, this is a hugh really exciting time and if I were you and you wanted too, I'd be the best surprise for them, I shouted it from the rooftop, I was so excited. Go for it girl.

    PS Happy Birthday for next week! :happybday:

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    Jan 2005
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    I wanted to keep quiet but DH couldn't keep his mouth shut and told his parents so I thought we'd better tell mine.

    I was in a wedding so I told the Bride, then the bridesmaids found out, then my mum told her sisters at the reception so everyone knew and I was only 6 weeks! They would all have been sus anyway cos I didn't drink.

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    Wilson Guest

    Apple i told my parents the day i saw the line and we told hubby's parents last night, if anything happens we would tell them anyway so we figured they might as well share in the excitement now as well!!

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    Jul 2004
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    I told my Mum and one of my sisters the day I found out. It took a few more weeks to tell the IL's cause DP was still trying to convince me to have an abortion at this stage.
    Next time my BFP will be planned, and hopefully the news will be recieved with joy instead of panic/worry. I will probably tell everyone straight away...