thread: Working through first trimester

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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    Working through first trimester

    Hi all,

    I'm at work at the moment, and I feel soooooo dreadful. I already threw up once thismorning, and I'm feeling pretty close to it again now. How are others coping who are also working? I think I'm going to have to go home. Even the plain salada biscuits are failing me at the moment. I don't have much sick leave (due to having be legitimately 'sick' earlier in the year), but I'm not coping well at work. I soooooo hope this goes away at 12 weeks, though I know many women continue to get it.

    I'm sooooo sick and tired and grumpy!!!!!


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    Nov 2003

    Aww you poor thing, Juliette. I'm not working so I don't have any advice there, but I just wanted to give you a big :hugs: I hope the m/s eases up for you soon.

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    Aug 2004

    Juliette, I sympathise with you sweety!

    I too am finding work hard, although not throwing up at work, I am constantly feeling nauseous. It is really hard to function normally and then get home and doe housework and things like that. I took one day off last week becuase i was really sick and just couldnt face work.

    i am also hoping it doesnt last too much longer as DH is sufferring a bit as well, i cant even stomach buying meat, let alone cooking, smelling or eating it!

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    rails Guest

    Hi Juliette,

    I work full time also & it is hard to hide the nausea - I haven't had an actual throw yet, but felt like it many times. I just sit at my desk & hope for it to pass - not much else to do really
    I agree with you min, can't stand dinner time, DH just looks at me while I play with the cutlery for a while, then look at him & say "I just can't eat it"
    I think the less you eat the more tired you feel, so best to try & get some down (even if for a little while)!!

    Hope you feel better soon Juliette .... :hugs:

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    Oct 2003
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    yuck! I remember working in the vet clinic & having to run out & spew a few times.... there are some pretty bad smell there!

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    Ms Lee Guest

    Oh you poor thing!

    I have been teaching next door to a girl who is 15 weeks and she has to go through my room to let me know she is going to the toilets to be sick, so that I can mind her grade.

    It must be awful. I hope it goes soon, it's bad enough just being exhausted.

    Good luck with it all.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    :hugs: :hugs: Jules... you poor girl!!!!
    Sorry I don't have much advice, but just know I am thinking of you!!!

    When I was working in my first tri I was constantly running down the road to the bakery to get something to eat so I wouldn't spew. It wasn't a very good look being on reception and always getting caught stuffing my face with something, lmao!!

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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    Thanks girls!

    It's just nice to know I'm not alone! It's terrible because I am sooooo excited to be pregnant and hating it at the same time.

    Min I know what you mean about functioning normally. I can barely concentrate on what people are telling me because I'm concentrating so hard on not throwing up all over them! It's a bit tricky because I'm in charge of the funding for our organisation....and I really need my wits about me.

    Christy - I guess I should be grateful that there aren't too many bad smells around the office! That must have been horrible! The only thing that gets me here is one of my colleagues who eats one of those hot kabana things EVERY darn morning. The smell lingers all day.

    And most of the people here smoke (well, more than 50%). They do it just outside the back door, and I have to walk out that way to get to my car if I need to go pick up a client or something. That smell is also really getting to me (not to mention the dangers of second hand smoke). Now I've taken to walking out the front door and all the way around the block to get to my car, just to protect myself and bubs from the nasty chemicals.

    As for cooking...well, poor Tim has to make do with microwave dinners at the moment. He's very patient about it though!

    Thanks for letting me whinge! I don't know what I'd do without you all.




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    Aug 2004

    Hey Jules,
    I know exactly what you are saying!! Its so hard! I haven't actually spewed once, but I've been super hungover for weeks and weeks. And you can't tell anyone about it! Makes life tricky!
    In the end I gave up and told my boss. His wife is about 3 weeks ahead of me, and she has had really bad problems.
    I explained that I wasn't able to eat in the morning, so by 10am, I really had to go out and get whatever it was I felt like I needed to eat! And I said that sometimes I would need to go home early, but I would make up the time when I was feeling good.
    To be honest - my work is a bit of a joke now. I feel like I have been written off, which is pretty hard in a professional role, but I say such is life! My family is much more important to me than people at work. So if they want to keep paying me the full amount, and relieve me of my responsibilities - so be it! Their problem!
    The biggest thing is the distraction that this wonderful thing is growing inside your belly, and how can you possibly concentrate on anything else!! Hugs, and enjoy the roller coaster ride!

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    Sep 2004
    South Burnett, QLD

    Thanks Fi,

    It's great that your workplace is understanding! I don't think my boss quite knows what to do with me! Every morning my colleagues assess my shade of green that day (it varies apparently!)

    I sooooo agree with you on the distraction of being pg! It is really hard to concentrate on anything except babies, babies names, nursery planning, etc.