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Thread: worried about cerivx

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    Default worried about cerivx

    I noticed today that my cervix is low and hard and I am having lots of creamy/watery white cm and was wanting to know if its normal? I know this is my 5th pregnancy, but I never checked my cervix with my other pregnancys. And from what I have heard cervix should be high, soft and closed in early pregnancy. I am 5 weeks thanks alot

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    hi, from what i have read, the cervix changes dont necessarily happen immediately. each person is different so it might take longer for your cervix to move up etc. also, i thought i read somewhere that generally you cant notice cervix changes for pregnancy until 6 or 7 weeks.


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    Hi Dj
    Your cervix will soften and move higher but when it happens difers between women. Yours may not change for a few weeks or it could start to change tomorrow

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    I was using Billings so i was checking my cervix daily when i fell PG (yeah, billings? Not that reliable apparently, though we used it with success for 2 years....). It stayed low and hard long enough that i'd had several +ve HPT's and stopped checking it! Stopped checking at about 7wks PG, and it STILL hadn't changed. Obviously didn't matter tho since DD is here and healthy (and destroying my livingroom as i type....;-))


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    Since this is your fifth pregnancy, your cervix may take longer for it to rise. For the CM, I've actually posted a post about this "waves of CM" which is normal for many pregnant women especially in the first trimester because our bodies produce more estrogen thus causing more vaginal discharge. Also, CM helps to limit number of microbes growing. I have lots of CM starting about week 8 and continues till now and maybe until my bub arrives. You'll just need to invest on lots of panty liners!

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