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Thread: Worried about lack of symptoms in early pregnancy

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    Unhappy Worried about lack of symptoms in early pregnancy

    I am 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow, which I realise is very early, however I can't stop worrying about not feeling at all pregnant. I have tender BB's but sometimes they don't hurt at all. I also have a bit of intermittent cramping down low. That's it. I have not slept properly since discovering I'm pg - most women complain of tiredness and fatigue whilst I am wide awake day and night :eek: ! HELP. Is this normal?

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I was completely the same. Hardly any symptoms at all an I was totally fine. Try not to worry and just count yourself as one of the lucky ones. However you may find that as you get further along more symptoms will kick in and you will be wishing you were back at the stage you're at now.

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    Jac, I can see why you are worrying. I had zero symptoms when I was 5 weeks too, but then when I hit 6 weeks, all of a sudden I started feeling gross and throwing up. Maybe youre just really lucky and wont get those nasty little symptoms, or maybe they are still yet to come.

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    Silvi Guest


    I was the same till I hit about 8 weeks then all the morning sickness kicked in....enjoy it while you can

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    Hi Jac, I'm 8 weeks and have only just now developed nausea and i have to admit it can go away now (!). I know it's easier said than done but try to relax and enjoy it while you can, as you said it is very early, long way to go yet. I didn't sleep that well initially either - for 2 nights i tossed and turned and it was very frustrating. Now, I am struggling to stay awake and am always feeling tired. The joys! Rachel.

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    Wow, Jac, congrats! I go away for a few days...

    Morning sickness at 10w6d only, and no other real symptoms for me either. I only started fatigue at 7-8w too. I hope you're fine, I look forward to hearing more!

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    Percy Guest



    I've only had a few symptoms - mainly exhaustion! I've not had any morning sickness at all. Not all women get it! I also haven't slept a full nights sleep since I think we conceived - it seems so silly. I am so exhuasted but I can't sleep through the night! Its crazy!

    Don't worry! Worrying doens't solve anything! I'm sure all is fine and your symptoms will kick in soon. The exhuastion for me didn't really kick in till about 7 weeks or so.

    Enjoy it!!

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    Sal Guest


    I had zero symptoms with pg#1 other than intermittent tingly nipples. I was a wreck, sure that the pg wasn't going right! This pg I am the same, no symptoms (not even tingly nipples) but I feel a bit more confident that I'm just not one of the ladies who get real pg symptoms. Try and relax (easier said than done ) and when the only symptom you get is a growing belly you'll realise how lucky you actually are.

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    hey jac,

    i was the same as you, i had zero symptoms of being pregnant, and i have to say i really didnt have anything to complain about during the whole pregnancy, i did have slight Ovulation and period pain but that didnt start until about week 6 or so.

    please dont worry, i went out nearly every week and kept buying tests just to make sure!!!

    Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

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    The symptoms or lack of in pregnancy are a constant source of worry. I truly understand...
    I often feel perplexed at some of the assumptions that having symptoms means a pregnancy is going fine and no symptoms means it isn't. Fortunately it doesn't work like that!

    Weather you experience morning sickness, tiredness, breast tenderness is largely reliant on how your body copes with the rise in hcg and progesterone.
    Your levels have tripled and that shows that your pregnancy is progessing beautifully. Some women experience nausea in the very early days of pregnancy when the hcg levels would be minimal. This only tells us that their bodies are very sensitive to the hormones, not that they have more or less but that they are sensitive to them.
    Studies have been done on pregnancy outcomes versus symptoms. They were no better in women who 'suffered' during the first trimester and women who like Dee and I had very little to report.

    Of course if you have strong symptoms and they suddenly disappear then you should get checked out. However a large number of women will find their symptoms naturally decrease and all but go by 12 weeks.

    The best indicator prior to ultrasound of a well progressing pregnancy is increasing hcg levels. Yours are beautiful! Next week (?) you will have an u/s and see a little flutter that is the heart beat.
    REmember too that many women don't notice much until around 6-7 weeks as the hcg rises even further. I know that I suffered the odd queasy moment but I was at least 6 weeks by then.

    I am thinking of you and am so happy for your pregnancy. Be gentle with yourself and try to enjoy this amazing journey that you are on!

    Big hugs Jacqui!

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    confusedegg Guest


    I also wont tell you to worry because i was the same when i found out early that i was preg and had no symptoms and was worrying, as the other ladies say as your hormone levels rise and how your body copes with it, is whether you will feel the symtoms or not.

    I am now 8 weeks on Tuesday and in the last week, i have been feeling so queezy and wishing i was back to my worrying stages (Not really). I fixed my problem by having a BT to check my HCG and progesterone.

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    I know of quite a few girls who didn't display preg symptoms either and they ended up fine with perfectly healthy bubs. i can't tell u to stop worrying but it is still early days - best wishes

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    Fruitwood Guest


    Hi, I starting feeling a little off colour at 6 weeks but didn't really feel the full effects on being pregnant until a couple of weeks later. Everyone is different though and you may be lucky enough to breeze through with no sickness or side effects. I have my fingers crossed that your one of the lucky ones.

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