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    Hi Girls,
    Im really worried at the moment and i cant seem to get answers from anyone. Im currently 9 weeks pregnant and have had very light brown spotting twice in the past 3 weeks, and both times i headed to ER. The first time they took blood and checked it again after 72 hours which had doubled and the second time round they just did one blood test and said the levels were at the max and that i shouldnt worry. I had gont to the GP first and he recomended i have an US but the hospital said there was no need as i had no pain. My main concern now is that my boobs are feeling only slightly sore rather than the painful sore i felt up until a week ago. I still have night sickness where every smell of food makes me dry-reach but i suppose my question is did anyones symptoms start to feel less severe and go on to have a normal pregnancy? Sorry to ramble on but would love to here your experiences.... [-o<

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    I do remember my symptoms lessening at some stage.I think it was at about 11-12 weeks. My boobs were definitely less sore but got really sore in the third tri again. Hun if your levels are still high and there is no pain don't panic.Just keep an eye on the spotting.If it gets more red and bright then go to your emergence dept again.

    Goodluck, have everything crossed for you.

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    My symptoms ended around the 9 weeks mark...apart from tiredness, and I also spot brown CM on and off since 11DPO.

    I wouldnt be too said above...only be concerned if your bleeding becomes red in colour and with cramping.

    I think there is something about the symptoms perhaps easing off as most vital organs have developed by the beginning of the 10 week mark when it becomes a fetus.

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    I had a few afternoons where i felt a lil nausious but that ended about week 7.. my boobs were really sore at the start but as time went on that has faded alot.. theyre only a tiny bit sentive now if that.
    Just remember, everyones different.. theres another 2 girls at work pregnant who have been throwing up since week one and i have not been anywhere close to that at all.. I havent, touch wood, had any spotting, but i know my sister did with all 3 kids.. so unless you had pain with the spotting, so ive heard, it can be a normal thing..
    Id try not to worry so much.. i know it is hard trust me.. but the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby it remain positive

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    THanks so much for your responses!

    I went to the Docs today (since i was balling my eyes out all night preparing for the worst) and she booked me in for a US tomorow. Im so anxious about having it done as i have had enough of playing the "wait and see" game. At least i will know which way things are heading! Im praying everything will be ok and normal [-o<

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    At the start of this pg I had sore-ish bbs that stopped feeling sore @ around 9-10 weeks, I also had a little pink spotting and everything seems fine with this pg, so try not to stress too much. (I know easier said than done)

    Good luck with your u/s tomorrow. At 9 weeks they will be able to see a h/b.

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