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    before i found out i was pregnant, i took trimspa for about 5 days, and stopped, i found out i got pregnant on jan 19th. i started taking them on the 24th, and i stopped about the 29th or so. i didnt find out i was pregnant till feb. 6th. im just very worried about my baby. im 7 weeks now, i havent been to the dr. yet, so i dont know how everything is going. but i havent had any bleeding or bad cramping. i also drank a little and smoked before i found out i was pregnant. i didnt do either in excess, but im still worried. id just like some feedback, maybe some encouraging words. thanks !!

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    I have read that it doesn't really matter too much until the baby actually starts to implant in the uterus and is sharing your blood supply (about 4weeks onwards), until then its a free floating little egg. That's what I read at any rate, if you are really worried go see your doctor they can give you an ultrasound to see how everything is going.

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    hi - i am sure it is fine, as so many people (in fact i bet everyone) makes a few 'mistakes' during their pregnancy! especially when you dont know yet! but to be safe why dont you go to your gp and get a referral for a scan (ask for a dating scan if you need to so you can get in) and then you will see for yourself that all is ok!

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    i knew someone who was taking speed on a weekley basis and smoking both cigarettes and cannibas and she drank and didn't find out she was pregnant untill 3 months... she did stop straight away when she knew but she really had no idea she was pregnant and her baby was absolutely fine and is a happy healthy 5 year old now

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    I was on xenical just before I found out I was pregnant. I was on it for about 9 days and when I told the doctor she said not to worry at all because it only makes the baby have a low birth rate when taken the whole or some way through pregnancy. I also had a very very very happy xmas (i would have been around 2 weeks pregnant) and the doctor said that was way too early for anything bad to happen. To tell u the truth, I don't know anyone that didn't have a "big night" in early pregnancy but of course didnt know that they were pregnant. If u stop now everything will be fine but go and see your doctor just to be reasured.

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