thread: Xmas ham and turkey

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    Nov 2004

    Xmas ham and turkey

    Hi all,

    In my confused pg state, I cannot work out if a leg of ham and turkey are deli meats and should be avoided.

    I think they are as ham is just sliced of the bone anyway but it is not manufactured meat. Is turkey the same as eating chicken?

    I have to know before Xmas...any advice would be appreciated.


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    Aug 2004

    Gemma, when they say don't eat deli meats it is only because you are never sure what temp they are kept at and how long they have been sitting at the deli for.

    If you buy a fresh pre packed ham (you know how they come in the vacuum sorta plastic), it normally has a used by date of a couple of weeks before opened, and once you have opened it, just make sure you eat it within a few days of being covered in the fridge.

    Turkey and chicken are both fine. If you are having it cold, you just need to make sure that you cook, cover with a clean tea towel and bring to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate. This is safest way of doing it. If it is hot, then you can gorge yourself no worries.

    hope this helps

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    I ate both Ham from the bone and turkey last year when I was pregnant.


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    rails Guest

    I have been told Ham off the Bone is the only Ham you can eat - because it is the freshest & not manufactured as MIN says. I cannot WAIT for Xmas day to get stuck into it, have been hangin out .... Bring it on !!! .... miss my ham, miss my ham !!!

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    Aug 2004

    all this talk of christmas food in all these threads is sending me loopy, i am so fricken hungry for christmas!!!

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    I also gorged myself on ham (off the bone)a nd turkey last Christmas when I was pg!!

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    Scarlett Guest

    Yummmmmmm is all I can say, cant wait till christmas.