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Thread: YAY m/s easing now

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    Default YAY m/s easing now

    The past couple of weeks i have been either in bed or in the toiliet vomiting it has been so horrible i wouldnt wish it upon my worst emeny but since wednesday i have been feeling good and have only vomited once so fingers crossed M/S has eased and left me [-o<

    Is it normal to stop around the 10 weeks mark i thought it was 12??

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Yay on the m/s stopping!! Everyone is different as to when it stops.I think 12 weeks is a generalisation of when it does stop.Some women have it all the way through and some never even get sick!Lucky things!

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    i am 11 weeks now and my m/s has eased this last week, but i am still extremely tired, every now and then i think i am going to throw up but it never gets that far, thank god!

    like Kirsty said evryone is different.

    good luck, you must be due in early oct like me!

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    I've had awful m/s this time around. My doctor said that at 8 week the hcg hormone peaks and levels out so he said m/s shouldn't get any worse. I think i'm actually starting to feel a little better though 8-[

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