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Thread: * Fake Tan Is it safe?

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest

    Default * Fake Tan Is it safe?

    Hi all,

    I'm getting married in a few weeks and as it is a beach wedding, I would like to put on some fake tan.

    but of course I will not apply it if it is not safe.

    does anyone know if this is the case or not...

    Many thanks

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    Fee Guest


    Thanks for reminding me about this - I'm going to ask my OB this afternoon!

    I got a bottle of that Johnson's Holiday Skin for Christmas but I have been too scared to use it.

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    Kirsty77 Guest



    I have a bottle of the loreal subline bronze in my cubboard and there are no warnings about pregnant women using it.I'd say its ok as long as your in a well ventilated area.Don't do it in a stuffy bathroom would be all I'd suggest as the smell does get quite strong.

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    If its for yoyr wedding you might want to get a professional spray tan (no streaks). AFAIK fake tan is safe but sometimes your skin can be more sensitive during pregnancy so it would be wise to do a patch test to make sure that you don't have a reaction even if you have used it before.

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    Carys Guest


    My Gyno says no to fake tan. I asked him when we started ttc. Of course Im sure you will find many women have used it without problems in pregnancy, but I personally wouldnt. There are just no studies out there to show that it has been proven to be completely safe.


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    Fee Guest


    I asked my OB yesterday and he said yes it's fine as long as it's not streaky! He likes to be funny.

    I'm still not sure if I'll use the bottle DH gave me though ...

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    Ive been using fake tan right throughout my pregnancy. I use a product called "TAN TOWEL" It comes in those satchets (like those wipes KFC used to pop in your takeaway bag - LOL). This product actually promotes that it is okay to use whilst pregnant/breastfeeding. Its an Aust. co. Try and google them. Its not smelly, really moisturising.........kylie minogue uses them too if thats any incentive - LOL

    Like others have said, maybe do a patch on your foot or something to see if you have any reaction.

    Good luck !!!

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    Wow, thanks so much girls.

    I rang Aveda (who do all the natural / organic products) and they do a fake tan which they tell me is 'safe' - but it does not say that on the bottle.

    The fact that the Tan Towel say's that it is safe is great, I think I will use that.. It is just a one off, for my arms and chest area, so I hope it will be allright.... good idea about the test patch. Thanks!

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