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    Default 12w scan

    I'll finally be going for my 12w scan on Friday and was just wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect? Are you able to see much or does it still look a bit like a blob? Also, do they give you a video or a photo or is that later on at the 18w scan?

    Oh, and can they tell you the sex or is that generally at 18w?

    Thanks for any answers, I'm a first timer who has no idea!

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    Hi gurnz u r just gonna love the 12 week scan as that little blob u may have seen earlier if u had a previous u/s is now a fully formed baby on the screen. u can see fingers and toes, legs amazing. u get pics and u should find out if u can get a video, before u go - cause my biggest regret is not getting one for that (i thought i wouldn't see much and was so surprised!!!!). At the 18 week scan bub is so big u can't see the whole baby on the screen - just close ups - so while it's great to get a video for that - as we did - it's not very clear as it's all limbs and stuff up close. Generally the sex is determined at 18wks but my SIL found out at 12 wks she was having a son as supposedly the pelvis points upwards???? Well they were correct cause she gave birth to a boy in June. Have fun - it's a wonderful experience

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    Hi Gurnz! I had my 12-13 weeks scan last week, and it was AMAZING!!! There is a serioulsy fully developed little human in there, with a nose, and eyes, and a mouth, and waving hands!!!
    You will definately get a pic, and take a video with you, o they can record it for you (we did!!) (I think Ive watched it 50 times since thursday!!!) We asked if it was too early to know the sex of the bubs...and she said it was! So I guess we will need to wait till our 20 week scan!

    Good luck!!

    Kez xox

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    Yep looks like a proper baby!

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    All the best with your scan Gurnz! I'm not at that stage yet, but reading everyone's responses has got me all excited for you! let us know how it goes!

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