Im lost around here so pardon if this is the wrong section.... im 16 wks preg with #2. So far the pregnancy is going realy well except i am always soooo sick i have nausea every night without fail and this baby isn't letting me eat anything i like at all! I tried to adventure last night with a chicken strir fry... i hate mushrooms and broccoli which was in the stir fry mix so i shut my eyes and ate it without looking! Amazing enough i kept it down yayayay!
I get to find out what i am having in 2 weeks im really excited about that!
My partner and i decided to find out what we are having because if it's a girl we could save alot $$$ LOL as i already have a 2 yr DD with everything in pink he he he
I wanted my daughter to be a boy but wouldn't change her for the world. I wanted this bub to be a boy as well then i realised, i wouldn't know what to do with a boy i've become so use to having a little girl i would probably worry my little boy wasn't into babies, getting dressed all pretty and watching dora the explorer PMSL!!!
Anyways hope this was where i was suppose to put this? If so i will keep updating it! Belly belly forums is HUGE OMG!!!!