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    Default 3D/4D Scans

    How much do these scans cost. I would like to go and get it done, i live on the gold coast, can any one recommend places and how much they charge

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    I got mine done in at brisbane Watkins Medical Centre it cost $200 in 2004 and medicare gave me back 85% so not to bad

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    Queensland Ultrasound for Women has an office on the Gold Coast. I'm not sure where though.
    I have had all my scans with both pregnancies through them in Brisbane (on Wickham Tce) and they are EXCELLENT. They explain everything, the technicians and doctors are wonderful I can't speak of them highly enough. They are also a tertiary fetal medicine clinic, so they have the very latest equipment and are very, very thorough. A clean bill of health for baby from them is very reassuring.

    They give you 4D video footage and still pictures as part of your 20 week u/s at no extra cost (although the scan is probably a bit dearer than most places). I had mine last week and it was $220. I went straight into Medicare after it and got $200 back (but I have reached my medicare threshold, it will be less refund if you aren't there yet).

    For an extra $15 they will give you a DVD/Video of the whole scan.

    Not sure if you've already had your detailed 20wk scan....they used to do just 4D's for people who only want that but they changed ownership last year and I'm not sure if they still do. Wouldn't hurt to call and ask them.

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    Thanks Girls. I have had my 20 weeks scan done so now i just wanna get the extra one done seeing its my first i think it would be a really exciting experience to see bubs in another dimention plus i just wanna see baby again

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    Make sure you shop around for prices if you can. I found one place that charges $295 and another that charges $180 and gives you a dvd of it all.. these were in Sydney though.

    Best of luck

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