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    3D ultrasounds

    Im due to have my first ulstrasound on Monday, which will be my 13 week check. Ive since found out from a friend that they now do 3D scans. Ive rung to confirm and sure enough thats standard now.

    Has anyone had a 3D scan done and was it good?. Im really keen to get this u/s done now just to see the baby in a different way. They never had this with DD so im pretty keen for monday to come.

    Also for those who have had a 3D scan done, can you really see the genitials. Did you tend to find out the sex because it was so clear.

    Please tell me, i cant wait. Put me out of my misery.

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    Kerrie,I had a 3d scan done when I was pg with Tehya. I had mine done at 31 weeks. They say the pics are better then because baby has a better layer of fat on them and gives a clearer image. I have seen pics of earlier 3d scans and while they are better then the normal ones I think it looks heaps better when bub is older.

    I could see Tehya's bits(sex) really clearly but of course she was older too. I'm not sure how clearly you will see your bubs gender yet as it may be too soon for them to get a really clear shot of it.

    Of course I hope that your bub is in there with it's legs wide open for you to get a good sneak preview.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Take care

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    i'm afraid i cant shed any light on the 3d scans - but id love to hear about it! im in a small town and as far as i know there is only the 'normal' ones available. Sounds cool though,


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    How exciting sweetheart, let us all know how you go. Good Luck.xx O

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    I wish we got 3D scans here, my Dr was certain the don't offer them here where I live at the moment, the place where I'm getting my next scan doesn't even video tape them anymore, oh well. Goodluck with your scan, it will be very exciting if you have the 3D done.

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    Wew had 3D/4D scans done at both U/S for 12wks & again at 20wks...
    WE still could not tell gender of baby at the 20 wks scan as legs were all curled up & baby kept turning in toward my belly, not outward!

    They are kind of like a globby, blobby alien at the 12 wk scan... But still cool to see a different pic that the std, we had pic's in both 4D & std at the 12 wks, but of 3D/4D & std in the 20 wks scan..

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    Definately the way to go. We had a 3D done at 19 weeks which was okay, but the one at 29 weeks was unreal. I was blown away by seeing my baby and what she looked like.
    Check out the photo gallery on our website.
    They only did 3D on her face so seeing the genitlas wasn't an issue. We already knew she was a girl anyway but if you don't want to know then tell them not to do 3D on that bit.

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    Oh wow, they sound so cool. I just can't wait to have ANY ultrasound - bring on next Thursday 5.20...

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    Fletch ill be going to Windsor for my scan.

    Thats for the info girls. Still excited about tomorrow. Not sure if i want to find out sex yet but ill play it by ear. May not be able to anyway due to bubs position.

    I think im more keen to get this scan done because it will re confirm that im actually pg. I know i am but you know how it goes in the first trimester, you dont feel it until that first look inside.

    I will let you all know how it goes.