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    Default 4D Ultrasounds


    I had my first ultrasound today that was very exciting....

    However, the hospital I went to had no thermal printer therefore I was unable to get any ultrasound pics...

    Does anyone know of some places that offer 4D ultrasounds - we dont' mind paying at all for one and plan to have it at around 23-24 weeks.

    The only ones I know about are Early Image and Radiology Plus and they all require payment well in advance of the appointment - pretty hard when you have to book so far in advance.

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    Maybe ask your ObGYN where a good place would be? Or try googling 4D image places in your area?

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    I had mine at Monash Ultrasound for Women in Clayton as part of the 18w morph scan. Pics weren't fab though. We tried again at a 32w scan to check the position of the placenta and the 3D pics were really bad due to the position of bubs.

    I asked my OB to refer me to a place that would do them and he was happy to oblige.

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    thank you for the information ladies - I heard this morning that there is a place in Frankston that actually offer them as well. The problem that we have is that because we live a little way out of Melbourne and just about everything relating to pregnancy is open only 9am-5pm it makes it difficult to get to them.

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    Squirt- look up "early image" on the net. The do ultrasounds just for "fun". Its 4d and you get a dvd and pics etc. I was going to get one done a bit later on and im pretty sure that they do it on weekends too.

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    Thanks emz - I had a look at early image and there is also another website canned radiologyplus that offer it as well.

    My OB yesterday booked me into the one in frankston and it is only $160 opposed to $235 that the others charge. I get to get a video as well.

    If I lived up near Balaclava or Prahran I would certainly be going to the other clinics....

    It is interesting - you can't find alot of them when you google.

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    i had my sencond ultrasound today and got to have some 4D photos put onto cd, along with the other photos.
    i went to MIA at boronia radiology, i was bulk billed tho, so im not sure of the cost.


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