thread: Ab Exercises during Pregnancy

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    JennyS Guest

    Ab Exercises during Pregnancy

    Hi, we are trying to ge pregnant, and I got a very very faint line this morning and last night, so I'm hoping!

    But I was wondering, I go to the gym quite a bit and is it still safe to continue doing ab work there? Is it advisable or best to just give that side of my exercise a rest for the time being?

    Thanks everyone

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    BellyBelly Life Member

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    I would have a talk to one of the instructors there Jenny, or even ask your GP. I think most ab work is unadvisable during pg, but then again I'm not sure if its ok to still do it early on in the pg....
    Sorry for not being much help!

    And congrats on your faint BFP!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2005

    Ab work is best avoided, as are some back exercises (because some of the muscles on the back connect to the front). I would suggest talking to a GP and also a trainer at your gym who is qualified to work with pregnant women. all other exercise that your body is used to and already comfortable with should be fine, so long as you are conscious not to overheat (and if you do, not for more then a 15 minute period) as this could harm the fetus.

    hope this helps, I had to research this because I was seriously into hockey. Unfortunately I had to give it up anyway, due to insurance reasons.