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Thread: Accuracy of Nucal Fold on u/s alone?

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    Default Accuracy of Nucal Fold on u/s alone?

    Somehow the hospital have 'misplaced' my 10wk blood test results. Hopefully they will locate them. It's not the hospital that I am having my baby it's the pathologists who do the combined testing.
    I was just wondering the rough percentage of accuracy of just the u/s alone.
    Does anyone know?

    The measurements on the scan were 1.1cm and 1.3cm not sure which one to take as the actual reading.
    I am sure someone posted a similar question somewhere but can't find it.

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    I think you mean 1.3mm.. I not sure of the accuracy but 1.3mm is pretty good. Thats what my bubs was at 12 weeks and i didnt have the blood test at all. Apparently up to 1.8mm is normal.

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    mizzsocial Guest


    from memory it think its 70% accuarte.. combine with blood test is a little higher..

    1.3mm is good..

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    sonsangel Guest


    Thank you so much, yep I had another look at the scan it is 1.3mm.
    I think I am happy with that anyway and wont bother harrassing the Dr if she doesn't get back to me by tomorrow.
    At least it's eased my mind enough to wait till next week while I see my Ob on the 17th so we can decide what to do from there. I think i'd be happy to just leave things as is.

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    Yep, sounds good to me... mine was 1.1mm and I didn;t get the BT, they combined it with my age and came up with my ratio... can't remember it exactly, but it was fine...

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    This PG was the first I've had with the blood test. For this pg and my previous ones the n/f measured 1mm which gave a one in 2000 chance. Combined with the blood test the odds changed to one in 25000. I have to add that those odds alone are still no guarantee. They will still look for other markers at the 18wk ultrasound even with such a good n/t result.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I didn't have the blood test, my doctor said it was cheaper just to have the u/s, but yeah everything was all good going by that and he's perfect so, I figure that just the u/s is fine.

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