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Thread: Acid taste in mouth

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    angelique Guest

    Default Acid taste in mouth

    Hi girls,

    Does anyone experience and acid taste in their mouth at all? It is like the acid travels from the stomach to the throat and it is awful.

    Is this just stomach acid washing up and is there any way to get rid of it.

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    Fraser Guest


    I don't know if I had an acidy taste but I very definitley had a metallic taste in the back of my mouth alot. made food taste really different

    I do get reflux and I'm only 12 weeks - so it probably could be stomach acid - mind you the last three weeks I have most definitley tasted acid in my mouth - but that's right after a running trip to the toilet with hand over mouth! LOL!

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    angelique Guest


    It is discusting isn't it.

    I think it may be reflux also as I have had that problem even before pregnancy - it just seems worse now.

    When I vomited in the early stages of pregnancy I felt better but now I am over that stage and have the acid taste in my mouth

    I hope you feel better soon darling, hang in there. I thought I would never stop vomiting but eventually it stops, for most people anyway

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    Yep I have found at times I have had an acidy taste in my mouth. I think it is like hearburn/intigetstion, but travels to the mouth too. I find having Quick Eze helps. (or Rennie would be good too. I don't take them as I hate chewing tablets)

    I hope it goes soon for you.

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    i have been feeling an acidy taste at the back of my mouth alot lately and was told it was related to indigestion.. it's sort of at the top of my throat and has only been bad recently. i chew quick eze during the day and use mylanta at night, as night is when it is at its worst. i read that it isn't anything to worry about and that having a glass of milk can help but i don't like milk lol. it's mainly because the baby is taking up room and pushes the acid up so should stop after birth

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    Yep, I get it too. Kinda makes me cough a bit.

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    Tessa Guest


    I have the same problem talk to your doc. about a drug called zantec. its perfictally safe for pregnate women and every sence i started taking it the acid has gone away. if you dont want to take medicine for it rolaids and tums work as does a glass of milk if its worse at night dont eat anything or drink anything about 3 hours befor bed you can drink water though.

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    DoubleK Guest


    i get this also ](*,)

    i constantly feel like i need to brush my teeth to have a fresh tasting mouth, i brush three times a day and use mouthwash!

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