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Thread: Acne & Skin problems

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    Default Acne & Skin problems

    Who ever said that most or all woman look radient in pregnancy needs a slapping lol

    My skin looks awful and even though im a Beautician,there is nothing i can do about my skin,but drink plenty of water,which is helping but the blemishes and spots im getting in this pregnancy is uncontrolable.

    I have suffered from Acne before and it had to be medically treated and it started clearing,but this pregnancy has flared it up again and it wont shift and of course im unable to treat it properly and only able to do the next best thing i can..Flush my system out and try and dry my skin out.

    Anyone else having skin problems?

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    Melinda Guest


    My skin has been very dry, to the point it's getting a bit like eczema. I've actually just been to the Doc about it today because normal moisturising twice a day isn't getting me anywhere and my skin feels quite tight too. She's given me a cream to use as I need it but once it's gone away, I'm to go back to normal moisturising (i.e. it's not a cream to use everyday unless necessary).

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    In my first and second pregnancy my skin was AWFUL, but in my 3rd and 4th pregnancy it has been no idea why or what causes it.

    My skin cleared as soon as I had a D&C after my first pg (mc) and as soon as I established BF with Olivia. And I had blooming skin when I was pg with Charlie, and again in my current pregnancy........

    Go figure......

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    My skin looks crap at the best of times!!! It looked pretty good when i was preg with DS. I have heard that clear skin - girl, bad skin - boy??? There goes that theory!!

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    I find it's better when I've been exercising, like if I've been for a walk the day before, the next day it looks much healthier. Drinking water helps too, but I'm terrible at that
    I'm a bit more gentle with my skin these days too, since it seems to be a bit more sensitive. But I have broken out for no particular reason too, so...I guess we just do the best we can.
    I'm in my best friend's wedding on Saturday, and PRAYING that my skin behaves itself! After that, it can look as feral as it wants. So I suppose I will do a bit of walking in the next few days

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    My skin is awful at the moment, that was one of the symptoms that made me realise that I was pregnant!!

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