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    Hi, I am 18 wks pregnant and for the last few weeks I have been feeling very itchy and it has gotten worse. It is mainly my legs, back and arms and is driving me crazy, sometimes it is so bad that I can't get a good night sleep.

    Has anyone else had/got this problem and doe's anyone know what could help it?


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    I would go to your local GP. I can't remember but i had a minor itching episode with my DD and the Ob told me that if it gets worse we will have to treat it but i can't remember what it is called! Sorry.

    I didn't need to have it treated i was ok fortunately. I had cooler showers as well to stop the itching. It was really annoying at night when i was trying to sleep . I smothered myself in Nivea body lotion to ease the itch too.

    Sorry that it doesn't help too much but i feel for you. Hope it gets better soon


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    It could be cholestasis Michelle which is related to the liver and bile salts. You need to see your GP or Ob or midwife sooner rather than later to check it out

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    Hi ladies, thanks for your replies.
    I was getting a bit worried about the itching but it has stopped now.
    I think it was the soap I had been using so I am now using a different one and no more itching.
    Take care

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