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Thread: allergy testing in bubs

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    Default allergy testing in bubs

    Hi guys!

    I know I have a while to really think about this, buts its been on my mind for a few weeks and I think getting it out may help lol. And I'm sorry if I've put this in the wrong spot!!!!

    Anyway, DP has a bad allergy to horses. He picked a real good one in me, lol, as I am from a horse family and am an avid horse rider. He's allergy was so bad as a kid that he nearly died when he was 10. He patted a race horse after it had finished racing, and went instantly into a huge reaction. If a nurse had not been present with an asthma pump, he would have died. He was only minutes off dying as it was, when he was checked out at the hospital they basically told him and his parents he's body parts were on the brink of starting to shut down. Very scary stuff. He's not as allergic to them any more, but they do still make him itch and get red puffy eyes.
    He's father is also as allergic to horses, but his mother and sister are fine with them.

    So naturally, I am really worried bubs (especially if its a boy), will have the same allergy. Which wont be good, seeing as my mother and sisters are around horses every single day.

    Does anyone have any sort of idea if they can do allergy tests on babies so young? It's really something we will need to know ASAP, almost before my mother even comes to visit. Even if I tell them to make sure they wash and put clean clothes on (which will turn out to be a pain in the but if bubs is allergic), you can just never know with these things. They could pick up a horse hair from the car and bring it in on them.

    I'm going to ask these things when I finally here back from the local womens health clinic midwifes, but that could be a few weeks off yet and I'm fretting like a crazy women lol.


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    I'm not sure what allergy testing they can do on babies, but perhaps you should ask your midwife to refer you to a paediatrician to discuss your concerns. I know with nuts they are more concerned about keeping the child away from nuts if there is a history of allergies, so they may suggest the same with horses for your baby until his or her immune system is more developed.

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    I would talk to your OB or MW next time you see them.
    Not sure what State you are DS2 had a dairy intolerance/allergy from a very young age, he was 8mths when we had him tested. We got him into and Paediatric Allergy Specialist. She was fantastic. They would do the scratch test on the back.
    RCH in Melbourne also have a great allergy clinic.

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    I am pretty sure they can do a RAST test from really early, they do need to take blood for it though. A GP can order the test through your local labarotory or you can get skin ***** testing done through a paediatric immunologist.

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