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Thread: Alpha Fetorprotein (AFP)

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    Question Alpha Fetorprotein (AFP)

    Has anyone heard of this or had it done ?

    Not sure if i can have this test done instead of the amnio.
    Just saw it in the pregnancy book you get with your bounty bag.

    AFP can be measured in either maternal blood or in amniotic fluid. The AFP measurements is usally raised in babies with neural tube defects (NTD) abd nay be low in babies with Down's syndrome and other chromosomal problems. Detects over 90per cent if babies with NTD.
    When it can be dine 15-22 weeks
    How: Blood test

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    Not 100% sure but don't you have ablood test done at the same time you have the U/s scan at 12 weeks to look for Downs? I know when I had a 12 week ultrasound done with my 2nd my GP would only send me for a downs scan even though I wasn't a risk. She also said there is a blood test that is done but I said I didn't think it was worth it as I only wanted the u/s to check baby was developing well.

    Have you googled it?

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    Fiona i think this is a different blood test as the other one has to be done between 11 & 13weeks. This one is done later than that. I'll have to do some more research.

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    This test is also called a Maternal Serum test and is not a 'common' test.

    My OB has it done as 'standard' but it costs around NZ$120.

    I had it done around 14 weeks I believe and had to send my 12wk U/S info in with it. It then sends you back an 'adjusted' downs is not a certain result...its still a 1:whatever risk assessment...

    However we felt with having 2 very 'good' non-evasive risk assessments that we are 'pretty sure' all is good.

    It also gives risks for some other birth 'defects' altho I cant remember which and cant find my report....

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks Lorasha for letting me know it's just called a different name now.

    The Dr's won't do anymore BT on me so it's not even worth asking again.

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