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    This may be an odd question, but I'm wondering....Does anyone know what causes low levels of amniotic fluid? And also where does it come from? Is it replenished with fluids from your body? I guess I am wondering because I dont think I am drinking enough water? I dunno, could be just preg brain working OT LOL!

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    Not too suer but I cxan tell you that I have never been a huge water drinker and have really forced myslef to drink more while pg and that still probably wasnt enough. The last few scans I have had in the past 3 weeks have showed there hasnt been alot of fluid around bub either so maybe it is related. They did say this can change from week to week (the level of fluid around the baby)... sorry couldnt be of more help but you should try and drink more if you can. I put a drop of cordial in my water and find the flavour makes me drink more (sometimes)

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