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    kjorgo1 Guest

    Another Food Question .... sorry

    Sorry I know there are so many food questions on here but I've got a query.

    Is salami ok? I know it's not ok if you get it from the deli and they slice it but what if I go to the factory and buy a whole salami and cut it myself and keep it in my own fridge so I know where it's been. I love salami and have been craving it and coming from and Italian background it is so hard to stay away from something I'm so used to eating.

    Also you know that seafood extender stuff that is made from cow tripe or something (it looks like crab but isn't) and you can buy it from the deli or you can buy it from the frozen section of the supermarket? Is that ok if I buy the frozen stuff and thaw it in my fridge??

    Any advice would be great as there isn't many things I can eat at the moment because of my m/s and I really want the above things.


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    kjorgo1 Guest

    I wonder what salami would taste like if I just cut it up and put it in the oven and baked it for a bit?? Perhaps it would be like salami chips!!!

    I think you've given me a crazy pregnant lady idea Fletch!!!!


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    Lee-Ann Guest

    Even frying Salami is yummy! I've had a couple of salami sandwiches during this pregnancy, I just love salami, but I have kept away from it for a couple of months now after hearing that you shouldn't eat it, except on pizza. With my two daughters I use to have ham sandwiches, I dunno, I just didn't really think about it being a no-no. I think I'm a lot more careful now than what I was with my two daughters.

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    Custardtart Guest

    Any deli meat that is stored cold for over 24 hours has the potential for a build-up of listeria that could be dangerous for the baby, regardless of whether it is straight from a deli or in your fridge. Don't eat it unless you have cooked it for long enough to kill any bacteria - if I get a craving for a toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich I cook the ham off in a frypan first.


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    Bells Guest

    I wouldn't eat salami on a pizza. It's been allowed to cool down, you don't know how it's been stored ettc etc. But salami that's fried (I add it to pasta sauce) is sure to be fine.