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    Jan 2005

    anterior placenta

    wondering who else has (had) one of these, and whether it affected they type of birth you had i.e. c/s, natural..

    My 12 wk u/s indicates I have an anterior placenta, which I know is less common that a posterior one, so was a bit curious.

    Also I've read that it can mean its not a good idea borthing on hands and knees which was one of my preferences if I get to have a natural birth.

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    Sep 2004
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    Hi Rachael,

    I had an anterior placenta with my last pg. This never caused me any problems however I did find that I didn't feel as much movement from bubs as early or as hard as I did with my previous pg's.

    As for labour there were no issues with it either. I was never told there was any problems of being on all fours. Actually I did that quite alot in my labour. I did worry that if a c section was needed what the risk might be of the Dr's cutting straight through the uterine wall and into the placenta though. They (Dr's) assured me thet "they do it all the time" so they knew what they were doing. Yeah like they've never cut a baby before either.

    I had my baby at home and as I said there was never any question of the safety of ithe placentas positioning. Unless it is covering your cervix then you don't really have anything to worry about. BTW they would have told you that in your scan if it were.


    Take care

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    Apr 2004
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    My placenta is anterior also - have not seen the obstetrician since the 12w U/S so cannot offer more...

    Other than delayed feeling of baby moving and the risks of bleeding with a C/S (which is there no matter where your placenta is really), I have not heard about it being a problems...

    It seems lots of ladies on this site have/had an anterior placenta and they are all having a normal pg or delivered normal, healthy babies, so I am determined not to let it worry me!!

    Take care Ray!

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    another one here who had anterior placenta with all 3 pregancies. only downfall was the movement - i never experienced the huge kicks and sticky out bits as much as others seem to have.

    my ob also put me on monitoring with the last 2 in the final weeks of pregnancy every 2nd day as movement was low (i just couldn't really feel it) so the monitoring was just a precaution.

    as for giving birth i delivered all 3 as naturally as possible (1st i had a little bit of help with forceps) other 2 fine, however i have only delivered on my back with my knees up, i found that position for me to be the most comfy - for my first i tried on my hands and knees but it just didn't work but i don't think that would have had anything to do with the position of the placenta.

    good luck