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    Sal Guest

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    Hi, I just had my NT scan this morning (yay! there is a bub growing inside me - I really wasn't sure 8-[ ) and the report says that my placenta is developing anteriorly.

    Has anyone else had this and did it have an effect on your pg or delivery?

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    My placenta with this current pregnancy is anterior......all it really means is that the placentas postition is at the front of your tummy rather than in the the back......

    My placenta with Olivia was 'posterior' (at the back) so I have felt a difference betweent the two in as much as I felt Olivia's movements a lot more, as there was no "padding" between her wriggles and my tummy, but with this baby boy the kicks felt a lot more "muffled" because the placenta is in between him and my tummy?

    Does that make sense?

    I don't think it makes any difference either way on delivery..........

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    Sal Guest


    Thanks Lucy, that's great to know!

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    Ditto the other girls!!

    My placenta this pregnancy is anterior and I have felt a lot less movement than the other 2 kids.

    I was waiting waiting waiting to feel movement and only felt really gentle stuff where with the others, I was being booted like crazy!!

    You will feel movement in places like (sorry to be blunt!) your rectum, bladder and cervix! It was a weird experience for me as I was used to kicks in the lower belly and you don't often get so much of that when the placenta is anterior!!

    I tell you what though - I am surely being kicked up really high and the sides of my belly and it is PAINFUL!! This little blighter is having a field day today!!!!

    Best wishes to you and congratulations on such a wonderful ultrasound experience!!

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    Mine is anterior too Sal. Like the girls said, I don't think it makes a difference for delivery. I didn't feel kicks until about 22 weeks either though, and even now when I do, they will be on the sides or up the top, so I guess my placenta is possible smack bang in the middle where i don't feel too much.

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    My placenta is anterior too.

    I only just started really feeling movements in the past week, and they do feel a bit muffled I guess, but I was able to feel themwith my hand on my belly, so DH got to feel it too which was pretty exciting.

    I was told its only when the placenta is low lying that problems arise, and this can happen whether or not its anterior. If it was low, it would have been mentioned in your u/s report.

    The main things they said were I'd likely feel less movements, and there was a slightly higher change of bubs being posterior, as they like to face the placenta a lot of the time.

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    my placenta is anterior as well..

    if i didn't ask the sonographer during my 19wk ultrasound, i would never have known either. so i guess it's not something to worry about. i didn't feel any kicks until i was about 20wks but now i'm feeling them often, and cause this is my first bub, i don't know any different so it's a wonderful feeling all the same.

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    lisa-jay Guest


    My first post! \/
    Hello to everyone!
    I just wanted to add, that an anterior placenta can mean that you dont feel kicks and movements in the same way, but I have also heard that babies can face their placenta, which means that the baby might be more inclined to go into a posterior position, (spine to spine) so as someome who was obsessed with avoiding a 2nd posterior baby, try to work with your baby to encourage him or her to face your back! Lots of forward sitting positions and all 4's when watching the tv!

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    I had an anterior placenta and a posteria baby. Funnily enough Ifelt hiim quite early but I think that this was because my placenta was quite low (I had to have a late U/S to check if it was prevaria).

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