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Thread: Anyone else have bad skin?

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    Unhappy Anyone else have bad skin?

    Hi Everyone,

    Since I've been UTD my skin has been far from good. During the 1st trimester I was definitely getting more pimples than normal (mostly on face and back) but now that I've hit the 2nd trimester things have taken a turn for the worse. My face is an absolute mess. I look terrible. I hardly ever used to get pimples (even as a teen)..... this is very depressing.

    Am I alone? I'm wondering is this likely to improve or get worse and if anyone has any suggestions.

    I thought when you were pg your skin was supposed to be great and "glowing".


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    I am sorry to say that my skin wasn't very good the whole time I was pregnant. To make it worse I had people saying the exact same thing...isnt your skin supposed to be glowing (hmmm thanks mum). Anyway everyone reacts differently and some people like me get breakouts. I have never had them on my back and yet there they were.
    The good news is as soon as I gave birth they were gone and I got comments on how much motherhood suited me. lol. It will go. Try not to worry about it too much.

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    I understand how horrible developing bad skin can be. For me, I developed it when I first went off the pill and ended up with my pcos diagnosis. It was horrible and debilitating. I went back on the pill because I couldn't stand it but ended up with some scarring from it .

    It was always in the back of my mind when deciding to go off the pill to ttc. Unfortunately there just wasn't an option- you can't fall pregnant on the pill! So far (touch wood) my skin has had some break outs but nothing like it was. I'm hoping and wishing it remains this way

    My GP knew of my concern and she said there's a topical antibiotic that you can get that is class A (ie safe for pregnancy). Maybe you could look into that if you are worried. As for a cleanser, I totally recommend St Ives Apricot scrub (blemish fighting). If nothing else, it makes my skin feel soft and nice.

    Hope it clears up soon.

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    I had teenager like acne as soon as I got pg too - awful all over my chin and cheeks. I also got them really back on my back, and a few on my chest.... I tried everything, topical anti-biotics (safe during pg, dr prescribed), creams, proactiv - nothing worked. I've just hit the 19 wk mark and my skin has cleared up overnight! I know how bad it is for your confidence, just cleanse morning and night and pray it clears up soon!

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    Since falling pg I not only get breakouts (mostly around, but not on, my nose - could it be in any more of a painful area) but I have broken out in eczma and I haven't had it since I was 12 and I have grown a fine blonde fuzz all over my belly!!!
    Everyone is different in pregnancy and for the first trimester I was embarrassed of all 3 of my problems but have come to terms with it. I am on a steroid cream (which I try to use as sparingly as possible) for my itchy arms and legs, as for my face I have put it down to hormones and summer...... your skin is always oilier in summer, or mine is at least. So I put away the make-up almost immediatel except for a few special occassions.
    Try to avoid covering it up with make-up as this just traps more oil under the skin, DO NOT PICK, I was often told to you a small amount of Metho on a cotton bud and dab it on the pimples. Within a day they dry up and go away. If you are unlucky enough to havd blind pimples though I have no advice for that - sorry.
    Just grit your teeth and bare it if nothing else. It won't last forever - THANK GOODNESS!!!

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    by about 35 weeks my face was so terrible i didnt want to go out!!! it was horrible, i was ok in front of family and friends. i always had a breakout of about 6 pimples on my chin and lower cheeks, which stayed untill krystal was about 3 months old - but not as bad as when i was pregnant.

    i tried all kinds of creams and scrubs, but i think it was the hormones taking over!

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