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Thread: Article: Coffee Drinking in Pregnancy

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    I need a 1-2 a week option, not per day. I'm more of a tea drinker, but I do enjoy the occasional coffee, especially when I am somewhere that I know makes terrible tea!


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    kirsty Guest


    I have never been a coffee drinker, except maybe the very occasional cappucino ~ & we're talking maybe 1 or 2 a year!!

    Besides that fact I think that even if I was a coffee drinker prior to pg I wouldn't have been drinking it anyway as I couldn't stand the smell of coffee ~ not a nice thing when you work in a supermarket & have to walk down the aisle with coffee in it ~ it was enough to make me dry retch!!! So shopping was loads of fun...............NOT :-s

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    Jacci - I've heard that too about decaf. Something about the chemical processes it's put through to get the caffeine out.

    I've been pretty strict with my caffeine, never been a coffee drinker, but love my tea. So I've not been drinking tea either.. occasional decaf. My bro laughed at me the other day coz I requested hot milo rather than green tea, coz of the caffeine in green tea. So I went and did my research on caffeine in chocolate (cocoa) and it's equivilent to the amount of caffeine in decaf coffee. Green tea has only a little bit less caffeine than black tea. So I promptly sent him an email justifying my chocolate intake as opposed to tea. LOL.

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    I drank iced coffee it was a major craving for me ( that and bounty bars ) I had to have one a day and its really strange because I have been lactose intolerant for my whole life to the point I would throw up every time I had any thing with milk in it, but when I fell pg I could drink as much as I wanted and for some reason it was iced coffee I craved I had never really drank much coffee in the past so it was really strange for me to want it but the craving was the strongest I had with my DS :?

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    Fee Guest


    I gave up coffee as part of my pre-conception care and won't drink a drop of it while pregnant.

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    I'm with the 1-2 a week option. I cant drink instant/filtered coffee, and can only have expresso coffee (snob - LOL). So I used to drink 1-2 cups of tea a day, but after Jenna was born I had to give it all up as she was very intolerant to any caffiene through breastmilk.
    Now I'm back to drinking maybe 3-4 cups of tea a week, and maybe 1 coffee a fortnight/month.

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    DoubleK Guest


    i'm not a coffee drinker myself, but have always drank wayyy too much coke..
    Since i've been pregnant, everyone who knows me well has asked if i still drink the same amount of coke!
    I have tried my hardest to cut down to maybe 3 glasses a day but its just so hard, but i always worry i might be doing the baby harm.

    Does anyone know any effects coke has? i know its not the healthiest drink!


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    Lee-Ann Guest


    Interesting how they think it's not so much the caffeine in coffee but other chemical factors. I had some one debate this issue with me as I said I drank tea but not coffee and I explained to them that when I went to hospital they asked me how much coffee I drank, I thought it was because of caffeine but the person said that some teas have just as much caffeine in them as coffee? I went through craving coffee to not drinking it at all. So I put from 1 - 2 a day, when I craved coffee I'd only drink 1 or 2 cups a day. I try not to drink too much caffeine now as I'm breastfeeding & I'm worried it may cause bub to be restless.

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