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    i have just realised that i havent read anything at all about the chances of a baby being born an asthmatic.. my partner has quite bad asthma, as does his dad, sister and her son. i dont have any history of asthma in my family, and wonder if anyone knows how likely is it our daughter will have asthma?

    I'd like to find out some information about babies with asthma, just to be prepared in case she does develop it... which i hope she doesnt, my partner suffers terribly and we would hate for Krystal to go through the same thing!

    Thanks guys!

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    We actualley just had a talk on Asthma at the start ofthe school year to learn how to deal with kids having an asthma attack. I am pretty sure that the lady told us during this talk that babies are not born with asthma, t is something that develops over time as they are exposed to irratants. Im not 100% sure on it all, as it was the first day of term and a 8:30am talk- but I am pretty sure she said something along those lines. As for the predisposition of children who have family member who are asthmatic I am not quite sure the chance of them developing it.

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    Im not sure either but my has it bad - I have it mild that was not "discovered" until i was 14 I think it has something to do with the environment your child is in



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    Hi Rachy

    Just because there is asthma in the family does not mean that your baby will have asthma. However it does mean that your baby ha a higher chance of developing asthma.
    Asthma is an allergic reaction to things in the environment. One of the best things you can do to help reduce allergic reactions is to breastfeed until your baby is about 6 months.

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