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Thread: Babies head engaging.......

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    Default Babies head engaging.......

    Can anyone please tell me what it feels like?

    I have read that it can happen as early as 33-34weeks but generally happens from 36weeks.


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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hey Nadine

    For me it felt like extreme pressure in my pelvis.Like there was a bowling ball wedged in there!And it was sore to walk and sit for to long.My hips were also really sore from it.

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    kerry Guest


    Sorry nadine can't help my little monster hasn't engaged yet at all.

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    Default Engagement

    Most women just feel more bladder pressure, so even MORE trips to the loo !
    A sensaton of having extra room to breathe in the chest area is comon. As the babys head engages (& some never do until in good labour) the top of the uterus presses less on your diaphragm so you have more room to breathe & feel you can take a deeper breath. It's a bit of a relief. You can aslo bend over more easily as you are less "full" of baby because alot of his head is in your pelvis instead of in your belly.
    The backache, hip discomfort, waddling & feeling like you have a football between your legs is very variable, some women get it some never do.

    Usually happens around 36 weeks for first babies but don't worry if it doesn't, it will probably happen with the onset of labour.

    Kind regards
    Brenda :-k

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    i find that i feel like i need to pee, even though i can sit on the loo and nothing happens. also when jelly fully engaged she stopped headbutting me on my left hip bone (which she has been doing most of my pregnancy) and now headbuts me so low it feels like someone is hitting me between my but and my vagina.

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    I was told at a check up that she had started to engaged, i was 28 weeks(so very early apparently) but i didn't really notice a difference except the fact my bump was lower. As she engaged more, i felt a lot of preassure and needed to go to the loo more. Then at about 38-39 weeks i had extreme pelvic pain, so bad i could hardly walk, i was hunched over in pain. So went to the GP and found that she had fully engaged. So for me, there was a LOT of pain involved. I also found i could breathe better and my ribs didnt hurt as much.

    Edited to add: I also was walking around and then suddenly felt like she was going to fall out. It felt really weird and i crossed my legs lol. That was a couple of days before i found outshe was fully engaged.

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