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Thread: Baby 4/5 engaged, early labour?

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    Default Baby 4/5 engaged, early labour?

    I had my mw appointment last week and she was suprised to find that she was not able to move bubs head already. I was 29 weeks at the time and in my notes it said that bubs is 4/5 engaged. I have been feeling really low also in the last couple weeks so i wasn't all that suprised. Just wondering if anyone else had this and at how many weeks did you give birth? DS was two weeks early so maybe im just destined to have early bubbas!

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    DD was head down and I started dropping from 29 weeks, but my notes don't say anything about being engaged or by how much, my Pelvic instability got a lot worse as well as my belly dropped and she arrived at 33 weeks.

    I think they can still come out of 4/5ths, but keep an eye out for anything unusual but hopefully you have a good 7 or more weeks of baking ahead of you

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    I had this exact same thing, my baby was 4/5 engaged at around 29 weeks and then every two weeks from then at all of my midwife apts it was 3/5 engaged. I went back last week for a 39 week check up and hte baby has moved up and is free (the midwife could put her hand in under the head)
    I am doing everything in my power to move the little one down (bouncing on the fit ball, walking up and down stairs, long walks) I go back on Thursday to be cheked and I will be 3 days over by then. Praying it's on the move in the right direction now
    I hope everything goes well for you and that bub stays in and grows nice and healthy before gracing the world with it's presence.

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