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    Hi all..

    Actually I just felt a lil bit curious about my baby's movements. Well, I will be 38 weeks another 2 days and my baby always moved actively. Is this ok? I only afraid he is in painful or something and thought that's why he moved so active. He punch me here and there, kicking everywhere and spinned his head. Till my belly became multiple shape.. Is this good sign?

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    TeganRheana Guest


    Hahah that is a very good sign. Only be concerned if the baby stops moving!!!! When I was pregnant with my son, he made it feel like I was a washing machine....punching kicking rolling almost made me feel sick every time!

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    My baby has been really active since I could first feel movement. He is sometimes very rough, and at this stage, I am getting a knee out to the side and his bottom pushing right up into my ribs. I don't remember my first baby being this rough, but this little one is a real boy!

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    suzyaaron Guest


    Hehehe..thank God. I was so happy to hear it. Well, people says that if it is a boy it moves more active than baby girl. Since my baby a boy either so no wonder he moves so active..

    Anyway, my hand now frequently numb. And I always felt stomach pain like I need to go the restroom. My so far, I didnt faced any contractions or other serious pains yet..

    Just cant wait anymore to see my lil boy coming out..

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