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    Does anyone have any recommendations as to what features I should be looking for in a baby bag? I don't want to spend a fortune

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    Well I don't have a fancy shmancy one, mine was about $20 from K-mart and it does what I need it to.

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    There are so many different ones to choose from.

    The first one i got was a cheapie from BigW that lasted about 6 months before all the internal lining ripped out. The next one i bought was a dearer one at $80, Baby Taft brand and I still have it. It is faded, stained and starting to wear out, but it was the best nappy bag I've ever had.

    You can get back pack ones, ones that fold out, ones that come with the pram. Just have a look at them and see what you think will suit your needs better, like if you go out, are you out for the day and need lots of room for nappies, spare clothes etc. Also some don't come with very good bottle holders.

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    I like one that can be both a backpack and carried over the shoulder. The backpack option is great if you plan to babywear, you will look like a bit of a pack horse, but it is useful. I have the Mini Kapoochi classic and it does this, at times though it is a bit big, so I have a small shoulder bag for short trips. Even now I look at other nappy bags and wonder if a different bag would have been better. Overall though I am happy.

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    We bought a regular baby bag from target before Matilda was born and then wound up using a backpack anyway... so we used that bag for day care when that started. But we bought an Eddie Bauer backpack/nappy bag when we were in America over Christmas and its a wonderful nappy bag/back pack.

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