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Thread: Baby gender prediction?

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    Default Baby gender prediction?


    I've been told this before but had conflicting reports on how to do it.

    Anyone tried to guess the babys sex by dangling a piece of hair with a ring attached over your belly. Apparently back and forth is boy and around is girl.

    My husband heard this and tried it on me last night. It started of spinning in circles but in the same place to begin with and then moved back and forth, indicting a boy. We tried it again and got the same results.

    Has anyone else tried this and gotten accurate results?

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    I haven't tried but on teh TV show 'What's Good For You' they road tested a few didn't old wives tales prediction tools. The ring test was accurate 5 out of 5 times (the only one with this result). You can read about it on their website (I didn't see the show I read it only yesterday).

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    Want me to pull a few tarot cards for you? lol, its 50/50 on whether its right at any rate theres a high level of both success and failure either way. You could also just flip a coin :-) at the end of the day if bubs wants to grow dangly bits or an "inny" its going to no matter what way the ring swings lol

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    My whole family love bringing this one out a family do's! They put the ring over their hands with the ring dangling and it spins straight for a boy and in circles for a girl, but instead of doing it for future children they do it to show the sex of the children they have already had (just to prove to me it works)! I have showed them if I want it to go straight it will go straight up and down, and if I want it to go in circles it will move around in a circle (without moving my hand) and I have also showed them that I can make it stay completely still. I think that it’s all about mind control. But according to my family Im sending negative vibes LOL!
    So for the past few years it’s been me vs my family in regards to this ring test, it’s turned into a bit of an ongoing joke now.

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    There are actually 2 different ones.

    Yes, back and forth is a boy and circles is a girl when you use a peice of string and a needle/or ring on your PALM.....but circles for a boy and back and forth for a girl if you use a ring and string/peice of hair on your is confusing i know...hahaha....

    Both pregnancies I have done it, and both times it was wrong. Goodluck to you is fun trying to guess!!!

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    I did a questionnaire based on all the old wives tales, the ring one, whether you crave sweet or salty food etc, about 10 in all, and it came back I answered 2 out of 10 so I was having a girl.

    My mum goes off the way you are carrying. She said I looked square from the back at the hips so I was having a boy.

    My partner had a dream last october, our first month of TTC of my grandmother. In the dream she said "be patient, it will be a boy". We fell pregnant the following month and I have since learnt that I am indeed having a boy!

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    My sister did this to me on the weekend, she used my wedding band and a strand of my hair and placed it over my belly. It went back and forward and my OB says I am having a girl.


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    My ring went back and forth whilst twirling in circles... DS is a boy, I was convinced he would be an hermaphrodite after that!

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