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    Red face Baby Monitors

    Hi Everyone!

    Another strange question from me!

    I'm now looking at getting the baby monitor. I was going to get a standard everyday run of the mill one...untill last night! I had a dream my baby died of now i'm thinking about getting the ones that detect when the baby stops breathing.

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with these?

    Thanks again!!

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    Hi Natty
    My friend has one of those ones and she said they are great, although if bubs slides off it or wriggles off it i ment to say it will go off coz it hasnt felt any movement. So bubs has to be on it at all times. Also you can now buy moniters with the camera in it so you can see bubs sleeping from tandy etc. They are around $200 and they are great also.
    Goodluck with the moniter shopping!

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    I just googled the Angelcare monitors and found a story where a mum had the monitor, it went off because her bub had stopped breathing. She resussitated him and he lived - think that just sold me!

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    We have an angelcare monitor and it is worth its weight in gold. When we first got Tori home from hospital I used to lay awake to make sure she was breathing, once we bought the monitor I was able to relax much more. She is able to crawl around hte cot now and set it of twice in the one night, but I would much rather get up to 100 false alarms than not have it at all.

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